Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Intellectual Insolvency

The corrupted Family Violence Prevention Fund recently boasted of its success keeping the truth out and myths alive in the Soviet-style July 19 Senate ‘hearings’ on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) hosted by Comrade Joseph Biden. Father's rights advocate Glenn Sacks remarked that such behavior is “a sure sign of weakness and intellectual insolvency, whether in the case of governments or of organizations.”

When criticism and debate cannot be countered, corrupted organizations avoid it. When myths are presented as facts, science is excluded, scholars are gagged, and only politically correct psuedo "experts" are allowed. When men meet injustice, hysteria is fomented to obstruct rational thinking.

Members of the US Congress put themselves into a political trap with VAWA, especially Republicans. Too many citizens now realize that their own government is waging an irrational and destructive war on them. But, having been lead into this trap by gender feminists intent on destroying their make-believe bogeyman called “the patriarchy,” Republican members of Congress are not only surprised by the uproar, but at a loss for how to escape the quagmire. They are beginning to see that the male vote they take for granted might not be so reliable in the future. Meanwhile, Democrats are faced with the obvious contradiction of arguing against the Patriot Act because it encroaches on civil liberties while gleefully stripping half the population of their most basic Constitutional rights with VAWA.

While fixing the injustices of VAWA would be relatively easy, the gender feminist orthodoxy that runs the domestic violence establishment places their sacred ideology above practicle solutions. There is one clear path out of the VAWA hole for members of Congress, however, and that is too loose in the next election. Representative David Reichert of the 8th District of the State of Washington is in a particularly vulnerable position.

The truth about Reichert’s transparent pandering to the gender feminist establishment of Seattle is out, and with a little luck and a lot of hard work by a new organization being formed specifically to counter his reelection, Reichert will be out of Congress and living a private life among the men and fathers he has helped to destroy.

And, there will be plenty more of these devastated men in Seattle, as Mayor Greg Nickels launches another Soviet style five year plan for domestic violence. He says the "plan was developed with the help of police, courts, public health, human services and community members." Translation: it was developed within the cocoon of gender feminist orthodoxy, with "men are bad / women are good" solipsistic thinking.

Ironically, the double-speaking Mayor says this will "make families stronger." Sorry Mr. Mayor, but what families are you talking about? Fewer and fewer men in Seattle are willing to risk their economic and physical liberty by starting a family. Men also do not want to risk the agonizing heartbreak of having one of King County's notoriously anti-male family courts rip them out of their children's lives. The few that are willing to take the considerable risks involved often move out of the area first.

Perhaps this is why Nickels supports gay marriage. The families he wants to make "strong" have to come from somewhere.


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