Friday, July 08, 2005

Could Marriage Be Less Attractive for Men?

Numerous studies show that up to 30% of men are raising children that are not their own, while believing the children are their offspring. The reason: Numerous studies also show that women are likely to attempt to mate with a dominate male, and trick a less dominate, but more doting male, to raise the child. In other words, infidelity.

The smell of power

Jul 7th 2005
From The Economist print edition

Odour and mating preferences

WHAT'S a girl to do when faced with the choice between a powerful action man who has great DNA but is likely to love her and leave her, and a carpet-and-slippers kind of bloke who will hang around and bring up the kids but may not be Mr Right in the genes department? Well, ideally, she should fool the latter into bringing up the former's children. And a piece of evidence that this is exactly what happens emerged this week from a research group led by Jan Havlicek of Charles University, in Prague.


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