Thursday, July 14, 2005

Prepare for Vagina Warrior Offensive

Here is a prediction for you.

With Senate hearings on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) scheduled for July 19th (well, if you can call them hearings, since the only testimony allowed by Senator Biden will be that of victim oriented gender feminists), the Seattle area Vagina Warriors just wont be able to resist piping in.

Yes, that means columns from Joni Balter and Nicole Brodeur of the Seattle Times and Kathleen Paynter of the Seattle PI. They will provide a few anecdotal cases of abused women (remember, this crowd hates actual science and the rigorous statistical analysis that goes with it), together with the tired old myths along the lines of, So-and-So-from-some-shelter says, “1 in 3 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.”

Then, they will allude to how abuse is practically every family’s dirty little secret, with husbands across the state making their homes into their own private Idahos of violence. Of course, no column would be complete without saying this is something we do not talk about enough and have to stop sweeping under the rug. Yes, this even though a search on domestic violence in Google nets you 7.7 million hits, while a search on, say, father’s rights nets you only 57,000 hits.

There will be no mention of the Vagina Preditors chronicled on this blog, who routinely rape adolescent boys, get pregnant, and shackle these kids with the responsibility of parenthood before they even graduate from high school. And, no mention of devious women like Shannon Elizabeth Hollister of Bellingham, who attempted to have not just her ex-husband, Nicholas Martin, but his father as well, knocked off by a hit man. And, no mention of the facts that Ms. Buffington mentions on Sunday’s post to Silly Seattle. No mention, either, of the fact that children are abused by mothers at much greater rates than they are by biological fathers. And, of course, no mention of how VAWA inspired hysteria and family court GALs with a gender political ax to grind have driven the most important factor in the success of children out of their lives - their fathers.

Oh, and especially no mention of actual scholarly research, such as that of Dr. Don Dutton, which clearly demonstrates that domestic violence does not know any bounds when it comes to either gender, or sexual orientation for that matter. The gender feminist crowd utterly hates anything that smacks of science.

Nope. Damned reality should never be allowed to get in the way of ideology. They just want to keep the federal pork money flowing to their gender feminist friends who hijacked the issue a decade ago so they can continue to wage war on “the patriarchy” and especially marriage, which they see as just another patriarchal institution.

You think men in King County are reluctant to get married now? Just wait a few years. Things are only going to get worse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

America sucks ass. If my kids weren't here I'd leave. Some day I will anyway. I am beginning to hate this lying piece of shit of a country. HOW can anyone be proud of america? Americans are thieves and liars with no accountability. The american way; lie, cheat, steal, kill, litigate (ie; lie some more, bribe the judge). It's no wonder the rest of the world hates us. FUCK AMERICA. Fat fucking hypocritical bastards. The number of obese people in America is the same as the number of staving people around the rest of the world. Think about that you fat greedy bastards.

7/15/2005 01:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I think I can hear france calling you. Please leave soon.

7/15/2005 05:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuckin' nazi.

7/15/2005 06:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homes for liberals, click here.

7/15/2005 07:24:00 PM  
Blogger Iguana said...

Now, now. He was probably just blowing off steam. In some respects, America does suck. Our elected representatives, for the most part, are corrupt.

There are exceptions, of course, but when you watch a Senate full of them vote for legislation such as VAWA that has so little respect for the Constitutional rights of the same men they send off to fight and die in a war in a foriegn land, you have to wonder.

7/15/2005 09:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Rodney Kraner said...

Sorry for omitting to sign - I posted the above.

12/07/2005 11:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part 1

Women who make use of the legal system to escape ACTUAL brutality and abuse, I applaud. Internal fortitude is needed to escape the horrors of TRUE mental, physical or sexual abuse.
With this said, I will approach the topic of the women who mock our legal system by professing with exuberance that fictitious abuse has transformed their lives into an unbearable existence. Shannon Elizabeth Hollister used the legal system, churches and social services to their full extent to humiliate and estrange more than one husband.
During Shannon’s second marriage she staged a scene where she and her daughters were kidnapped. Police later obtained photos of smiling Shannon withdrawing cash from a bank account funded by ongoing child support payments from her first marriage.
Shannon had led most everyone, including the child from the first marriage, to believe that this first husband had committed suicide in prison six years before. The first husband was definitely not dead; in fact, he was actively pursuing visitation rights with his daughter. Shannon had a habit of covering her tracks with false addresses. The child support payments went directly to a bank account. No current address was available. The Washington State Department of Human Services - Division of Child Support found this odd but stated this did not warrant concern on their part. The exhaustive reply from the Child Support Division basically informed the second husband that payments must be made whether the mother allowed court ordered visitation or not. Shannon had to be served legal papers but there was no current address. A full scale court proceeding could not be afforded by the first husband while the inflated child support payments were being made. The gross income of the first husband (the amount for child support, insurances for the child and taxes were not deducted) did not allow for reduced legal rates through Washington State.
Shannon was arrested in Connecticut for the above mentioned kidnapping scheme. She was arrested in 2001. Two years before the attempted murder of Nick Martin and his father. Shannon’s first husband flew 3500 miles to attempt custody of his child. Shannon conveniently invented sexual abuse allegations to thwart the custody proceedings. The second husband returned to Washington State without his daughter but pursued the legal avenues necessary to obtain custody. Shannon deceived the authorities into allowing her to post bail and return to Washington with her older child. The younger child was taken back to the west coast with Nick. Shannon was allowed a hand slap for the felonious kidnapping of her younger child. The custody of her older child was again not resolved due to Shannon’s deceptions.
The later attempt to murder Nick and his father was thankfully halted due to law enforcement professionals with an attention to detail. Shannon wired an undercover officer 5000 dollars, again from the accrued child support payments made by the second husband, to an undercover officer via WalMart to kill her present husband and his father. Shannon is in a minimum security prison due to this murderous attempt. How many men do you think would have been housed in a minimum security facility after attempting a contract killing of their spouse?
What happened to the child from the first marriage? Shannon’s sister was able to get temporary custody of the child. The State of California began to charge the child’s father for child support at the same time that he was still paying support through Washington State.

7/15/2009 11:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part 2

This overpayment issue has still not been resolved. Shannon’s sister could not be contacted regarding custody of the child. The state of California stopped charging the second husband for child support after a time, but where was the child? Records of the child appear to no longer exist. The child will be 17 years old in September. The child has been indoctrinated by the mother’s family almost to adulthood.
The father of this child is truly regretful that he allowed his lack of knowledge to steal his daughter. He was naïve in believing that the law applies to everyone.
Shannon’s first husband was not perfect, by any means. He was a bit immature and had a lot to learn about the family environment. He did not physically or sexually abuse his daughter or his wife in any way whatsoever. Certain women’s organizations would call any disagreement with the wife to be mentally abusive. Shannon realized that she could not deceive the authorities into believing that her first husband was abusive, because he was not. She simply packed the house while he was at work, filed a restraining order via a women’s advocacy group and left. She studied and implemented her web of deception, promising that resolve of the marital issues would soon reunite the family. Shannon pointed out to him that he worked too much, while at the same time weaving an elaborate tale of how he did not work to all that would listen. Shannon told many that he sexually abandoned her by not wanting intimacy with her. Actually, he thought that her lack of sexual desire was part of post partum depression. This was almost two years after the child had been born. The husband was happy enough to have a family, that he remained celibate and did not push his wife in any way to sexually perform for over two years, including the day that she left. The husband was actually naïve enough to believe that his wife slept in a different bedroom because she did not want to tempt him during her post partum issues. He studied post partum depression and found that it is indeed a real issue and that he should be sensitive to her condition. She saw his compassion as a weakness and used it to her advantage.
I don't know what else to say. I am a bit overwhelmed with this whole situation.

7/15/2009 11:35:00 PM  

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