Wednesday, July 20, 2005

VAWA Promises Political Fall-Out

Phyllis Schlafly provides the best article to date on the problems with the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and makes a dead-on argument about why it should be scrapped. Please read it here.

Instead of the gender feminist ideology that hijacked the issue of domestic violence ten years ago, the US should look to Ireland for a model of how the topic should be treated. Please see Ireland’s pragmatic and scientific study of domestic violence here.

Ireland’s approach is vastly different from the patriarchy fighting war conducted by US local, state, and federal governments on its own male citizens. The Irish have pragmatically divided the issue into minor intimate discord and major abuse. Their study also used scientific sampling that shows clearly that both men and women are about equally guilty of instigating both domestic discord and major abuse.

Irelands proposed programs to address this issue are designed accordingly, separating domestic discord from major abuse, and focusing on the underlying problems involved in genuine abuse as opposed to treatment programs that preach feminist ideology.

The Irish approach is reasonable and will be effective. In contrast, the approach in the US is utterly ineffective and causes massive harm to men, fathers, families and children.

VAWA reauthorization will likely pass in the US Congress while the country is distracted by the hoopla of the Supreme Court nomination hearings of John Roberts.

But, shortly thereafter, everyone in Congress ought to start seeking political cover, especially Republicans. Men and fathers are increasingly organized and are searching for the first political target to label “The Enemy of Fathers.”

Our own David Reichert, a Republican pandering to the Seattle gender feminist establishment, is a likely target.


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