Thursday, July 21, 2005

Seattle Murder Highlights Absurdity of VAWA

A mother of three killed her husband in front of her three children in Seattle this past Saturday night. In an effort to hide what the rest of us know about domestic violence having no gender boundaries, the Seattle PI is just reporting on this horrific crime today.

In a sickening story of premeditation, Nai Wang Saeteurn sharpened a large butcher knife, waited until her boyfriend and father of her children fell asleep, and then stabbed him in the abdomen.

Her three children were left to restrain her and call 911 while their father, Kao Vang Saeteurn, bled to death before their eyes.

Is this the sort scene David Reichert was talking about in his VAWA press release where he said:

In my 33 years as a cop, I walked into many volatile domestic violence situations. Domestic violence is the most dangerous call an officer can be sent into. One can never be completely prepared for the explosive and unpredictable nature of the highly personal situations.

I saw children sitting on couches crying and holding each other before police officers resolved the situation and brought quiet back to their homes.
Well, no, because Reichert is wearing the gender blinders the Seattle domestic violence establishment gave him.

Surely, the gender feminist victim cult that hijacked the topic of abuse a decade ago will concoct an elaborate and implausible story of “self defense” to excuse Nai Wang from killing the father of her children.

But, the Seattle PI provides the real story:

According to police, Nai Wang later confessed that she killed Kao Vang because he had threatened to break up with her. She has been charged with first-degree murder.
Power and control?


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