Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Liberals for Men?

As we have talked about here before, the men and father’s movement is growing and becoming more organized. This is what tends to happen when a group is under continuous and unfair assault.

With the men’s voting block growing, the question now is which political party will pick up on this movement? We have thought that it would not be one of the major parties. The Democrats seem far too beholden to the feminist victim cult. Republicans seem afraid to overtly align themselves with men’s and father’s issues and, anyway, they are far to distracted by issues such as abortion to take notice of the plight of fathers at the hands of government. So, we have believed that it might be a third party that picks up on the growing anger among men.

But, perhaps we are wrong. Air America, the self-avowed liberal radio network, recently had Glenn Sacks on the air. The host of the program, Charles Goyette, seemed relatively sympathetic to the problems faced by men and fathers.

You say that’s hard to believe? Well, listen to it here!


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