Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Clint Made My Day

Here is a great interview of Clint Eastwood where he talks about his generally libertarian views.

Eastwood makes a point that we have made several times in this blog. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem to be much interested in liberty and freedom now. As Clint say, the Republicans were once a party of libertarians, but are clearly evangelical at their core now. Democrats, who were once concerned about civil liberties, are now clearly much more interested in micro-managing our daily lives, balkanizing us and punishing groups that are out of favor (such as men), and making us as dependent on the government as possible.

A viable third party could easily form in today’s extremist environment. Most Americans hold views that overlap about equally with the positions of the two major parties. There are even views that the majority of Americans hold that neither party seems to be interested in.

All it might take is a catalyst. One possible catalyst could be among increasingly organized men’s and father’s rights groups. Both major parties ignore these groups with a vengeance. Democrats because of their alignment with socialist women’s groups, such as NOW; Republicans because their major preoccupation is with religious issues, such as abortion.

But, the plight of men and fathers in Western countries with governments that have institutionalized bigotry against them is increasingly a political opportunity for a third party to pick up on. Their voices are growing, becoming increasingly organized, and change will come.

Even the press is starting to reluctantly pay attention. Keep an eye out for an article in the New York Times this Sunday on the UK men’s group Fathers4Justice.


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