Thursday, May 05, 2005

Are Women Really Equal?

My ex makes more money than I and we share custody (about 60/40). Yet I still have to pay her child support. In fact, she makes ALOT more money than I but she seems to do less with it. Sometimes I feel like I'm renting my child.

We have an unconstitutional law on the books right now called the Violence Against Women Act. This is unconstitutional because it targets a single demographic. That's like saying you have to sit in the back of the bus because you aren't female. Did this law save Lacey Peterson? Will it save anyone? We have another bill trying to be passed that is engineered to empower women, called POWER or Protect Our Women in Every Relationship. Another sexist law that excludes help to half of our population.

I ask this, if women are truly equal to men, then why the double standard? Can't these sexist laws and obvious family court bias be seen as evidence that women are in fact, inferior? I have to help my ex financially and receive no help myself. I do ok without, but I'm a man and can do these things (even though she makes almost three times what I do). If women can, why don't they? Perhaps they really can't.

When we ALL play by the same rules, only then will we have equality.


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