Thursday, May 05, 2005

File Complaints Against Biased "Judges"

There is now a growing chorus of fathers who are angry with how they have been given the shaft in Washington’s Family Court system.

One father complained on the most recent Glenn Sacks radio program about Judge Susan Cooke of Skagit County. This man has custody of his children and has a restraining order against his unstable ex-wife. She also has several warrants for her arrest. She showed up unannounced at his home, ripped out a window screen, and attempted to pull one of the children through the window.

The two appeared before Judge Susan Cooke regarding custody issues. Judge Cooke berated the father for following court orders, and then told the woman that she “understands her behavior.”

Obviously, Judge Cooke has a bone to pick with fathers.

If you encounter a judge, like Judge Susan Cooke, that so flagrantly abuses her position and does not follow the law, you should report that judge to the Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct. You can do it on line here.

When you do, please document your complaint with a comment on this blog. None of us are naive enough to think that the so-called “Commission” will do anything but reward judges who are anti-father, but if enough people complain, and those complaints are documented, it will be hard for the politically correct anti-father legions of state government to ignore us forever.


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