Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hysteria On The March

Maybe Seattle area doctors should start treating the common cold with chemotherapy. It’s probably just a cold, but your doctor cannot tell you for sure that you don’t also have cancer, so hey, why not go ahead and start the chemo?

This seems to be the mentality of the domestic violence divas in King County. Their mythology of domestic violence misinformation now prompts police responding to domestic disputes to react as if they are facing a full armed assault from the Canadian Mounties.

Another over-reaction in Seattle highlights the surreal world of domestic violence extravagance. An unarmed man, after an argument with his girlfriend (no saint herself, by the way), forced her into his mother’s basement. That was an inexcusable act that needed to be punished, but the response of the police was utterly outlandish. What were they really responding to? Was it an unarmed man on a temper tantrum or the bogeyman of contemporary feminist hysteria?

Today’s drama included a fully outfitted SWAT team, armed vehicles, and enough police cars to stretch across the entire city. Police terrorized the neighborhood, firing tear gas, brandishing M16’s, and swinging around cannon-like armory better suited for the invasion of another country than a simple residential house. The man involved was probably afraid that his neighborhood had become a war zone, thus explaining his reluctance to give up and surrender to the police.

The police should not be faulted for this behavior, however. They are, after all, just an extension of the political ideology that masquerades as concern for victims, but in reality is nothing less than a war on the “patriarchy.” This war is fed by the myth that inside every man is a patriarchy inspired brute out to murder his woman. The story, with such catchy made-for-TV names as “mommy-cide,” couldn’t be further from the truth. Truth, however, seems to have been left on the curb with the garbage a decade ago when the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was passed by Hillary Rodham's stand in, Bill Clinton, just before both houses of Congress shifted to a Republican majority.

Surely, one can understand how the Seattle Police did not want to end up managing the PR nightmare experienced this past week by Duluth, Georgia. Jennifer Wilbanks got the jitters before her wedding day and without warning inexplicably left town, leaving everything, including her wallet, behind. Poor Duluth was then occupied by a press army that set up shop and hoped they had found another boondoggle of hours upon hours of Scott Peterson type reality drama and ratings.

The reward for Jennifer’s fiancee: Interrogation by the police and a lie detector test. He was suspect number one. But, when Jennifer finally phoned home, officials maintained a stance of political correctness, expressing concerned for how distraught run-away Jennifer was. One could be forgiven, though, for believing that the most appropriate comment of the entire affair came from a local café owner:

This is one of the most selfish and self-centered acts I've ever seen. We saw her parents, and you could see the anguish in their eyes. It was terrible.
But, never mind that. Jennifer’s fiancée can be blamed just as surely as Rusty Yates got the blame for not having the extra sensory perception required to prevent his wife from murdering their gaggle full of children. He was booked, fingerprinted, interrogated, subjected to lie detector tests, and God knows what more, while his bride-that-was-to-be is awash with official sympathy.

Anyway, feelings are all that matter when it comes to the misdeeds of today’s Vagina Warriors. Take Mary Kay Letourneau, for example. We are all now being treated to primetime TV coverage of her wedding to the hapless child rape victim of her pedophilia. This pair is even dispensing marriage advice. Who can blame them, since even local newspapers like the Seattle Times and Seattle PI treat Letourneau as just another happy bride.

Meanwhile, the best the Seattle police can do with a mentally ill man distraught over the disappearance of his sister and threatening to commit suicide is shoot him to death. To continue doing that, though, they will need to keep their guns, which are just one bad date away from being taken away. They should look into the Police Officer Solidarity Foundation if they would like to keep their gun toting jobs without maintaining celibacy.

Life in Sillilandia is stranger than fiction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where in that article are you reading that the man was unarmed? or that there was an argument? Where in this article does it give any information as to the unsaintly or saintly status of the woman? I didn't see any of that information.

He kicked in the door to a house where his girlfriend was present, he assaulted his girlfriend severely and held her against her will in his mom's basement.

What do you think would have been the appropriate response to this hostage situation? If the man was unarmed and the police had prior knowledge of this, do you think they would have negotiated with him over the phone for 7 hours?

"Police terrorized the neighborhood, The man involved was probably afraid that his neighborhood had become a war zone, thus explaining his reluctance to give up and surrender to the police." Give me a break!

For someone who is up in arms about the spreading of misinformation, you sure know how to put a spin on a story!!

5/01/2005 12:32:00 PM  

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