Sunday, June 05, 2005

Make Hillary Rodham Defend VAWA

The public relations campaign to launch Hillary Rodham’s presidential bid started before the 2004 election.

Even the most naïve of political observers could see that all of the questioning about whether she would run in 2004 was deliberately encouraged in order to keep her name in the news and to get people used to the idea of her running for President. Now, the game is to keep the press talking about her entering the race for 2008. Be prepared for her to officially launch her campaign after months or even years of fever pitched media speculation. She will enter under the mantra of a savior, not just for her party, but for the entire world.

The Seattle PI, of course, is dutifully playing their role in this drama. An opinion column by David Usborne finished with:

One thing is clear: The notion of President Hillary Clinton is no joke to anyone, least of all to Republicans.
Usborne also speculated about Laura Bush running for President, couching the idea as a joke. Laura Bush would not be a joke as a Presidential candidate, but clearly this is not something that would make sense for 2008.

In the meantime, Republicans better get serious about who they will run three years from now. Senator Frist, who is obviously taking the highest profile within the party in order to lay a foundation for his bid in 2008, has the charisma of a wet doormat. Republicans need to remember that Bush won because he does have charisma. Democrats never understood that Bush’s challenged oratory is an asset, an endearing quality after years of slick talking politicians. His charisma is wrapped up in an honesty of presentation that people connect with. Frist is anything but that.

It’s not just Republicans that need to be concerned about Hillary Rodham. Men and fathers of all stripes should be very concerned about having a President that believes in her heart and soul in gender feminist ideology.

In fact, the first round of the war on the so-called patriarchy began in earnest when she was creating policy for Bubba. The nuclear bomb of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) landed on all men, and we have been living in nuclear winter ever since. VAWA has provided government funding to the gender feminist victim cult and, worse, stripped the Constitutional rights of half the population. Related “Deadbeat Dad" legislation has put thousands, perhaps millions, of poor and unemployed men in jail because they could not pay child support. Family courts too often do not make downward adjustments to child support when fathers experience financial difficulties. In a majority of these cases, the father does not have joint custody of the child. Meanwhile, mothers have no reason to honor court mandated visitation and often don't.

King County, WA is playing it’s role in the War on the Patriarchy, planning to make a show of hauling men who are unable to pay to jail. (Here is another example). The extremists in our county government are preparing for the “perp walk” just in time for Father’s Day, adding insult to injury for fathers already treated harshly in family courts and struggling with the reality that government can strip them of their children.

Here is a suggestion for Republicans: It is a bad idea to try to placate gender feminists by supporting VAWA. You will never get the votes of women that believe in this ideology.

With VAWA coming up for reauthorization in September, a better strategy for Republicans would be to challenge it and let Hillary Rodham defend it. Let the airwaves be filled with her demonstrating her gender feminist ideology instead of the giddy cable news commentary and psuedo analysis about the possibility of her running for office. There are many groups that would take up the fight on behalf of Republicans, including women such as those in the Independent Women’s Forum and iFeminists.

Make Hillary Rodham defend this legislation and expose her loathing for American men, fathers, and traditional families. Let her explain why 46% of men in their thirties in King County, WA have never been married because they see it as a high risk endeavor.


Blogger One man said...

I have seen what women have done to our government so far and it is terrifying to think of how much worse things can get for men. I will always vote against women in office. A womans "right to chose" is bought and paid for with mens civil liberties.

6/06/2005 11:34:00 AM  

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