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How to Destroy a Nuclear Physicist

In 1976 Anthony W. Laine married Mary Ann Phillips and they resided in Georgia. However, after their marriage Mary Ann made frequent trips back to the Clinton area of Tennessee, ostensibly to see her family. Often these trips extended for several months.

A first child, a boy, was born in October 1977.
In January 1978 Mary went back to Tennessee again to "see her family." She left a note for Tony ordering him not to call her or ever try to contact her again. In September 1978 she gave birth to a second child, a girl, but never told Tony she was pregnant or had any further contact with him.

By late 1978 Mary Ann had found a new love and filed for divorce in Tennessee. She arranged for Tony to be stripped of his parental rights (assuming he was the father of her children) by claiming that her husband-to-be, David Jarnigan, intended to legally adopt both her children as soon as they marry. As a result Mary Ann is not awarded any spousal or child support. Her divorce from Tony is finalized in 1979, after which Tony is notified of the proceedings. It is only after the divorce that Tony discovers that he supposedly has a daughter.

Tony never sees Mary Ann again.

Despite the breakup of his marriage to Mary Ann and the loss of his(?) children, Tony, who has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Century University in 1985. After completion of his doctorate Tony began a career in aircraft avionics investigating such areas as radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic pulses from nuclear events, electronic countermeasures, lightning strikes, and nuclear event hardness for both commercial and government aircraft. As is common with research scientists and consultants, Dr. Laine's work takes him to many locations:

1986-1987 - Fort Wayne, Indiana
1987-1989 - Litchfield Park, Arizona
1990-1995 - Phoenix, Arizona
1996 - Ontario, Canada
1997-1999 - St. Louis, Missouri
2000 - Chesterfield, Missouri
2000-2001 - Phoenix, Arizona
2002-2003 - Lakehurst, New Jersey (they still have a home there)
late 2003-early 2004 - Huntsville, Alabama
2004-present - Baltimore, Maryland
In 1983, Tony met and married Donna, his current wife.

Conversely, Mary Ann's marriage to Jarnigan has problems as he apparently refuses to work . In 1988 she goes on welfare in Tennessee where she had been living in Anderson County. She received welfare benefits between 1988 and l990, at which time she got a divorce from Jarnigan and went to school to get a nursing degree. During and after her marriage to Jarnigan, she has two more children but does not go on welfare again.

It was Tony's belief that David Jarnigan had adopted Mary Ann's two oldest children but there was no proof. Adoption records are sealed in Tennessee and rarely opened.
In 1991, Tony was contacted by Maximus/Child Support Enforcement also demanded that Tony pay for the two years Mary Ann Jarnigan was on welfare even though she was married to David Jarnigan during that entire period and her brief marriage to Tony had ended 10 years before she went on the dole. Maximus also demanded a "reimbursement" from Tony in the amount of $11,489 for Mary Ann, her two children from 1977 and 1978, and for David Jarnigan's two children. This included $1,000 per month for child support ($250 per child), full-service medical insurance, spousal support (even though Mary Ann had remarried immediately after divorcing Tony), and reimbursement for the state.

Tony and his wife, Donna, were living near Phoenix, Arizona at the time. Reacting to this demand from Maximus/Child Support Enforcement of Tennessee, the Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona, stated that the case "smells like a bad kettle of fish" and awarded only $300/per month in child support ($150/per child for the two children that are presumptively his) and $50/per month for reimbursement in lieu of full-service medical coverage to be held in trust in case the children needed medical care. The support order was only in effect until the children were emancipated, the youngest in 1996.

Tony paid the child support faithfully as ordered until the children reached majority. However, Maximus/Child Support Enforcement did not allow any communication of any kind between the parties and Tony never gets to know these children.

According to Mary Ann and her daughter Amanda (in 2004, after reconciliation of Tony and his daughter) she never received a dime in support after 1994 even though Tony was still paying Maximus. Since both Amanda and her brother were both grown when this information was offered, Tony feels they had no reason to lie about the situation for they would not receive any money in this matter. Mary Ann claims she had received only a small portion of the child support prior to 1994 even though Tony was actually ahead in his payments.

In 1998, two years after Tony's youngest child was emancipated, Maximus/Child Support Enforcement created a case in which Mary Ann was alleged to have had a male child two (2) months before that she claimed was Tony's. At this point Tony had had no contact with Mary Ann for 20 years.

Notice of this action by Maximus/Child Support Enforcement of Tennessee was served via a package from Missouri Child Support Enforcement where Tony was living at the time. Coincidentally, Missouri is another Maximus/Child Support Enforcement-controlled state. Enclosed in this package was a copy of a forged prenatal bill, a forged hospital bill, and a summons requiring Tony to appear in St. Louis County Superior Court to decide upon terms of child support. At this point his youngest child had been emancipated for the past 2 years and this was an apparent attempt to force payment for the next 18 years for a non-existent child. This appeared to be a "recycling" of the original 1991 case without providing justification for the action. Tony requested a DNA paternity test but that was immediately denied by Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in Tennessee on the basis that the "mother" would not allow a paternity test to be done.

Eventually, Tony was able to avoid this obligation by proving to the Missouri Court that he could not have been anywhere near Mary Ann at the time of the conception and the case was dismissed. In addition, in 2004 he learned that the alleged child never existed. The last child that Mary Ann had was in 1991, after which she had her Fallopian tubes ligated. This information surfaced in conversations between Mary Ann, Tony, and Amanda in 2004.

As is common in cases such as Tony's, child support enforcement never gives up. According to Maximus/Child Support Enforcement, a "Final Administrative Order" was filed in the St. Louis County Circuit Court in July 1999 claiming an "arrearage" of $11,000. A Tennessee case number was assigned in violation of federal law (one state cannot amend another state's original court order for child support and make a new case out of it) and this practice is illegal per decree of the U. S.. Supreme Court.

The new claim against Tony was made approximately two (2) months prior to the time Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in Tennessee asked the original court, the Superior Court in Maricopa County, Arizona (not a Maximus-controlled state) to close the case for enforcement if they had not already done so.

Unbeknownst to Tony, and after he moved out of Missouri, in 2001, Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in Missouri amended the 1999 administrative order from Tennessee to now state that there is an "arrearage" of more than $13,000 for child support. The amended order claimed that the original order was filed in "Maricopa, Tennessee," a place that does not exist. Further, the amended order stated that it is a Tennessee case, something it never has been. Recall that the original case was adjudicated in 1991 in Arizona, not Tennessee, and that Missouri never had jurisdiction in this case.

Tony received no notice that any further court or administrative proceedings were taking place in this matter, which should come as no surprise to readers of this newsletter. At the time of the claimed 1999 administrative order, Tony's son (?) was 22-years old and his daughter(?) was 21, married with one child of her own. Neither child ever went to college, yet Maximus/Child Support Enforcement obviously calculated the "arrearage" up until June 1999.

Most readers will have anticipated the next event. Based on the bogus arrearage, Tony's wages were garnished and liens placed on his property by Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in Missouri, even though they had no jurisdiction, he had moved out of the state in 2000, and the support order issued by an Arizona court had expired in 1996.

A Missouri Attorney General's investigation eventually proved that Maximus/Child Support Enforcement had no jurisdiction to enforce in July 2004 and they finally closed their case against Tony. His case was then returned to Tennessee. Note that Tony has never lived in Tennessee or had any court order entered against him there.

In April 2004 Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in Tennessee went to Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in New Jersey and asked them to start enforcement proceedings against Dr. Anthony Laine claiming an arrearage in excess of $10,500. The order used as a base in this case was the fraudulent "Maricopa, Tennessee" one from Missouri that was closed nearly a year before after an investigation by the Missouri Attorney General. It should not surprise our readers that Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in Tennessee never bothered to tell their New Jersey branch that Tony's case was closed by Maximus in Missouri.

Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in New Jersey automatically gave Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in Tennessee what they wanted in June 2004 without ever allowing Tony to defend himself. He was not permitted to question his accusers, present evidence showing that he does not owe any child support, or even speak in the "Hearing Officer's" court. She automatically "finds for the state" and alters the tape of the session to reflect that the"defendant declined to present any evidence that the debt is not owed." No court reporter is ever present in these hearings .

Tony has been trying to get someone in authority to listen to him. No one will hear him because everyone in the divorce industry, from the judges on down, all have something to gain by creating new cases to enforce. The judges consistently rule for Maximus/Child Support Enforcement no matter what the facts of the matter are, or what civil liberties are violated.

Following the Star Chamber hearing in July 2004, Ocean County, New Jersey, Probation Department, the entity that handles child support enforcement, started harassing Dr. Laine about the $10,000+ he allegedly owed in "back child support." He tried to get someone to listen to him when he says he does not owe anything, but to no avail, and his pleas fall on deaf ears. Dr. Laine then filed a , via the Internet, the ability to locate the man she believes to be her father. They finally meet and spend some time together.

Amanda at this time is 25 years old. This was the first opportunity Dr. Laine has ever had to actually meet or talk with his daughter and many long-standing questions are answered. Tony's son, however, will not even attempt to contact the man who is possibly his biological father.

Under constant harassment from New Jersey about the alleged debt , Dr. Laine began a publicity campaign, taking his story to the media (both nationwide and worldwide), the U. S. District Court, the President of the United States, Senators and Representatives, and fathers' rights groups. He has started numerous criminal investigations against Maximus through the FBI, Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission (because their stock is traded on the Exchange), the New Jersey Attorney General's Office, New Jersey State Police, Central Intelligence Agency (Maximus is in other countries) and the Administrative Office of the Courts, to name a few.

In retaliation, Maximus has become more relentless in their efforts to force Dr. Laine to pay their unwarranted claims.

In January 2004 Dr. Laine filed a civil rights violation lawsuit against Maximus/Child Support Enforcement in federal court. That case is still proceeding. Maximus/Child Support Enforcement tried to use the same excuse as in the RICO matter to get that case dismissed but the judge would not allow it.

In March 2005 two people posing as police detectives came to Dr. Laine's home in New Jersey saying they had a warrant for Anthony Laine's arrest. They refused to identify themselves or produce the "warrant" saying it was a "privacy issue." After Mrs. Laine persisted in asking who they were, they produced two badges that had the word DETECTIVE written across the front. These were obviously costume props. It was later discovered that there was no warrant at that time for Dr. Laine's arrest and the "detectives" were actually from the Ocean County Probation Office. Since they were unable to obtain the information they wanted from Mrs. Laine, they went to the neighbors and asked them to call if Dr. Laine should show up again. One of the neighbors reported him on April 15, 2005 and Anthony Laine was handcuffed and held for "ransom" in the Ocean County jail. At the time of his arrest, a warrant had been obtained from Judge Barbara Villano who was supposedly checking into his case at that time. Dr. Laine had believed that at last someone was looking at the evidence and making a decision based on the facts. He was wrong.

On April 21, 2005, after six days in jail, Dr. Laine was given a hearing before Judge E. David Millard. The hardship that this matter placed upon the Laine's was not a matter of consideration. The only question was how much money Dr. Laine would be obligated to pay and when.

Mrs. Laine had taken evidence to Judge Millard personally, showing that monies were not owed, but the documents were turned over to the judge's paralegal who returned them to Mrs. Laine without the judge having reviewed them. Judge Millard then ruled for Maximus/Child Support Enforcement. Dr. Laine's testimony and evidence that he did not owe child support was never heard or examined.
Note that Dr. Laine is bounced from judge to judge, not one of whom looks at the evidence or hears testimony. That is characteristic in these cases.

He was kept in the Ocean County Jail in New Jersey until he was able to come up with a minimum payment of $2000 cash for his release. Child Support Enforcement believed the $2000 to be "chump change" for him because of his advanced degrees. Unfortunately, he does not have the income level that most people are misguided enough to believe. As a result of this excessive payment and loss of wages while in jail, he and his wife ran the risk of having their electric, gas, and other utilities shut off and most of their bills were left unpaid, resulting in yet more harassment from collection agencies.

Incredibly, on April 29, 2005, Dr. Laine's wife received yet another notice from the Ocean County Probation Office stating that Dr. Laine was delinquent in his "child support payments." The $2000 he had paid just the week before to get out of jail was never posted to his account. Donna also received a letter from Judge Barbara Villano requiring Dr. Laine to appear in court for a hearing on May 4th where a "hearing officer" employed by Maximus/Child Support Enforcement would allegedly look at his evidence and decide if he indeed owed child support.

Donna Laine attempted to appear in place of her husband with power of attorney since Tony was unable to miss additional time from his work and is extremely leery of returning to New Jersey. She was not permitted to present any evidence and was told that only Dr. Laine or an attorney would be acceptable, otherwise she would be "practicing law without a license."

Dr. Laine and his wife already know the answer to the question of what happens if Tony goes back to New Jersey. The "hearing officer" will rule in Maximus/Child Support Enforcement's favor. If he had appeared for the hearing that his wife went to in his stead, he would immediately have been thrown back in jail for an undetermined amount of time to extort even more money from him.

Child Support Enforcement routinely does business this way. They create arrearages that have no basis in fact and then abuse the fathers to the point that they have no hope. The only way out for all too many of them is suicide. Then Child Support Enforcement tries to force the obligor's survivors to pay for the "outstanding debt" and they are soon driven to despair as well.

The saddest thing is that the only thing unusual about this story is that it involves a Ph.D. nuclear physicist whose work on nuclear, biological, and chemical agents is used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other government agencies to thwart terrorism against the United States of America. When Dr. Laine was confined in Ocean County, New Jersey for "bogus" child support the FBI called the jail immediately to see what they could do. Two New Jersey state police detectives came to the Ocean County Jail to see Dr. Laine, and stated "we do not know why you are here."

There is no Maricopa, Tennessee.

Our special thanks to Mrs. Donna Laine and Mrs. Elaine Weiss
for their help in compiling and editing this report.

Thanks to the Equal Justice Foundation for providing this report.


Blogger Tom Swanson said...

Another sad reality. . . I ask you all again, "What is it going to take?" How many must suffer?"
The time for idle talk and half measures is over!
Stand up and fight now, or suffer in silence. . .
Nothing more needs to be said on this blog.

5/26/2005 02:58:00 PM  
Blogger Iguana said...

This is a truly amazing and very scary story.

If this keeps going this way, I don't know how anyone expects men to contain themselves and not start fighting back.

This Maximus company seems like some sort of corporate monster out of a horror movie. They need to be investigated.

5/26/2005 08:55:00 PM  
Blogger Iguana said...

I'd never heard of this "company" before until reading this post.

I've been researching Maximus for the last few hours, and I have to say there is something very fishy about this company. I have never heard of a company that has this sort of power over the lives of individuals.

Does anyone know who founded this monster? Are there any hidden trusts or investment groups involved that hide the names of investors?

My gut tells me this "company" has involvement from people that should not be involved.

5/26/2005 09:14:00 PM  
Blogger One man said...

There is good reason to believe that many court workers own stock in companies like this. I'm told we already have uncovered the paper trail that clearly shows the conflict of interest. I will post what I can when I have better data.

5/27/2005 04:29:00 PM  
Blogger Iguana said...

Yes, it would be good to know what the connection is between the government that hires this strange company and the ownership of its shares.

5/27/2005 07:46:00 PM  
Anonymous tonys ex said...

well first of all mrs.donna has a false report and slanderous accusations posted here they are two sides to every story and i am here to say she is wrong and anthony sure filled her head with bulls''''.you don't even know me,and yet you and your now late husband post this crap,and try to give maximus a bad name.when in fact he was a dead beat dad,who constantly skipped out from state to state to avoid paying his child support,and you are all dog maximus because they try to track him to make him pay for children he produced.and i hate to burst your fantasy world bubble but anthony knew i was pregnant both times and there was not never a note left behind by me,fact is tony abandoned me and my children,and no child support or alimony could'nt be set cause they could'nt find the sorry deadbeat.and by the way im sure you know who i am.

12/22/2011 03:37:00 PM  
Anonymous melissa jarnigan said...

I would like to ask everyone, don't you think its fair if they presrnted both sides of the story? I may be getting in over my head wit this but I'm going to tell everyone the real truth about anthony laine. And to be quite honest, donna, you have nothing to do with this because you got sucked into his lies just like my mother did. He is a liar. I don't care who you have backing you up on this because the concrete facts that I KNOW, make it so hard for me to believe that a criminal could be so successful in life like anthony supposedly had done. I'm not saying he wasn't successful or he didn't have a good job AT ALL but I would lik to start off the story talkin about my mother Mary Ann Phillips. I can't put into words how great of a mother she is. The things my mother did was for a reason. They met in anderson county tennessee and later moved to georgia. My mother had got pregnant with anthonys first child (tony laine) and stayedin georgia, had a georgia doctor, she still even has the records on file. She came back home to tennessee because her mother was very ill, she had gotten cancer. She was 5 1/2 months pregnant. Anthony decided to stay in georgia because there was no work in tennessee. He later ame back to get my mother in a rental car, that was past due so by now it was considered stolen. On the way back they get pulled over, anthony goes to jail. My mother was let go because her background was clean so she stayed with some friends in georgia. One evening a cop knocked on the door asking to speak with my mother. He told her she needed to stay away from anthony he wasn't who she thought he was. In fact, his real name wasn't even anthony wesley Laine, he was born with the name Wayne Johnson Niemi! My mother remembered seeing a ss card and also knew he received a check every month to this name. The cop also told her he was a snitch so that explained the name change, he aparently was a former dangerous criminal who decided to finally clean up his act and use his decieving skills to tale down his criminal friends to save himself.. my mother had mentioned that before she had ever got pregnant TAF agents were always at their house and nobody ever told my mom anything she put the pieces together herself over time.. so to speed things up after "anthony" gets out of jail he and my mother got back together. She got pregnant again with child number 2 (amanda laine) she came back to tennessee because her mother was deathly ill with cancer, having to have her ear removed, my mom was 7 months pregnant. My mom wrote anthony and tried everything in her power to try to keep in touch with him and received nothing bck. She didn't want to leave her mother while she was on her death bed so she had amanda in tennessee. Anthony out of the blue; called and said "so was it a boy or girl?" So for him to not know my mother was pregnant, why was he asking? She told him it was a girl. He asked so are you coming home now? She replied "fuck you bastard, I'm filing for divorce" and never spoke to him again. I will give "anthony" one thing, he is a decietful liar and good at it. I have so much more to say but I don't want my mother having a bad name because she is a great mother, better than most. She has helped all of her kids and raised them. Something anthony failed to do. He wanted nothing to do with them, he clearly showed that, as actions speak louder than words. Oh, I almost forgot he also has another child that was recently found out. Her name is trinity coleman from andersonville, tennessee. Which means he's not only a liar, but a cheater. "Anthony" passed away from a supposed massive heart attack?" From what I hear. But I have no remorse for him or his wife. That sounds mean but I dint know the man who put my mom through hell. But I have to go now I just wated to put sme of my moms side of the story. Oh nice title donna, ill name mine how can a criminal and a liarbe so successful? :)

12/22/2011 03:53:00 PM  
Blogger ccorry said...

Ms. Jarnigan and her mother seem delusional or have fabricated their own version of events. May I suggest referral to the documentation for this story at for verification of events.

12/24/2011 01:29:00 PM  

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