Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The War On Masculinity

As every good feminist knows, any position held by a man is a position that could or should be held by a woman. Currently our male government workers quake with fear for their careers at the mention of N.O.W. and make decisions and rulings based on that fear. These men fear feminist reprisals and there is no oversight for this type of coercion. N.O.W. does the footwork for women who can't think for themselves and takes a violently aggressive stance for anti-male legislation. It recommends and supports feminist policy and openly attacks anyone who questions their motives. They challenge any man that disagrees with them by accusing them of being 'pro-domestic violence' or 'pro-abusive' and against equal rights. These men fear the potential for litigation. And of course, these men are afraid of N.O.W.'s voter's guide.

I found that by looking into the descriptions of the women’s studies classes at the University of Washington, just how far my tax dollars go toward fueling man hate. If you look carefully you will notice a nice soft introduction, leading then, into an emotionally charged history lesson that generates feelings about men that are projected onto my generation. I didn't try to prevent women from equality, in fact I support equal rights, but I'm guilty by gender. With this type of college education running our state it is easy to see how we have gone so wrong. N.O.W. is not as interested in equality as they are in pure power, as is evidenced by Gregiore's snatch and grab tactics for office and insuring that certain items get passed before she is ousted.

After seeing how much N.O.W. hates Bush Jr. I think I see more to like about him. Perhaps putting together our own voter's guide will have the same impact. In the short term it might be helpful to know whom N.O.W. likes and vote against them. N.O.W. seems a bit like an eight hundred pound gorilla to me right now. If we can't stop them, they will keep the pressure on until we are all collared or caged.


Blogger Iguana said...

Our own voter's guide, as well as endorsements, is a good idea.

5/25/2005 07:07:00 PM  

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