Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Critical Mass

It would appear as though the femi-nazi's have achieved thier goal of "a sort of critical mass." Even though there is enough evidense to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that Gregoire cheated, Judge John Bridges has chosen to support this fraud. I wonder what she promised him. Perhaps he is just another broken dog of a man and continues to piss himself at the thought of reprisals from N.O.W.

Election fraud, paternity fraud, what else are our chosen leaders going to condone? What else are we going to allow them to do? When judges can be bought, what do we have? Do you think they will be fair to YOU when your day in court comes? Don't kid yourself. Do you think you are safe sitting on your fat ass at home? Don't kid yourself. It won't stop unless we hold them accountable for bad decisions. Oh, but wait, he's a judge, he must be right. Don't kid yourself. You are not safe as long as you allow these gross violations of oath and office to continue unchecked. DO YOU CARE? Do you think this only happens to other people? Do you think someone is going to save you? Don't kid yourself. Somehow I don't think anyone cares until it's their turn in the barrel. By then, it's too late.

There are more women voters than men, maybe it is already too late.


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