Monday, May 23, 2005

Is this "The Patriarchy"?

Reading the nonsense that comes out of the UW Women Studies department, you’d think that all men are part of a conspiratorial network that operates with the sole objective of oppressing women. Of course, this is utter nonsense. Such a paranoid perspective on the world should receive medical treatment, not state funds wasted on a bizarre curriculum.

There are, however, responsibilities that most boys are taught that they have. One of them is to help others in need. This ethic is taught so strongly to boys of almost all cultures that when they grow to be men, they often risk their own life without thought to help another. We all saw that when the firemen of the NYFD charged into the World Trade Center to rescue people and ultimately were crushed by the collapsing buildings.

Those NYFD men were trained to do that. More recently, some local Seattle heroes without specific training relied on their male instincts to dive into Lake Union to save a man attempting to commit suicide by driving his car into the lake.

Jim Barrett, Jan Bultman, Chris Cavanagh, John Dunato, Jim Dunn, Roger Hinton, Aaron Loehr, Shawn McCain, and Matt Williams, an ad hoc rescue team that did not know each other before, all formed a highly efficient group that risked their own lives in frigid water to save the man. Serious scholarly research shows us that forming teams to solve problems and accomplish goals is a natural skill that boys seem to be born with.

Even “patriarchy” hating Susan Paynter of the Seattle PI hailed the bravery of these men. Of course, she was careful not to mention that men do this all the time. The Seattle Police Department, known for implementing anti-patriarchy laws such as VAWA with gusto, even gave these men certificates of appreciation. Yes, it is hypocrisy for SPD to do that, but it shows that all hope is not lost among our city’s politically correct departments.

The “patriarchy” is not a conspiracy of men to oppress women as contemporary gender feminists would have you believe. If one can say that such a nebulas thing even exists, at the most, you can say that it is a set of responsibilities and a code of conduct that sends heroes like these into precarious waters to save another human.

Do you think you will see anything about that in the cynical and vituperative whining that comes out of such places as the UW Women Studies department or the Eastside Domestic Violence Program?

It will be a sad day when men finally decide, after years of government institutionalized attacks on their most basic rights, that it’s just not worth it to do what comes most natural.


Blogger One man said...

That day has come. I would rather be alone than take the risk again.

5/23/2005 07:16:00 PM  

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