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Breaking with Reality

Several father's rights groups have rallied to push back against misinformation, lies, and gender feminist propoganda in a recent PBS "documentary" entitled Breaking the Silence. This documentary should have been called Breaking with Reality, since it states myths as if they are facts.

As near as I can tell, the point of Breaking the Silence is to expose how fathers supposedly are abusing a concept called Parental Alienation Syndrome and getting custody of their children in divorce cases at will. Anyone that knows anything about the statistics of the outcomes of divorce cases knows that in the vast majority of divorces with children, the mother gets custody of the children. One need go no further than this fact in order to discredit the entire "documentary," even though practically every minute of it makes statements that are easily shown to be false.

Gender feminists love to harp on about breaking this mythical silence about topics such as domestic abuse. In reality, with $5 billion in funding from the federal government going to gender feminist organizations thanks to the misandrist Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), it's hard to hear pretty much anything but what feminists want you to hear about American families. An extraterrestrial intelligence intercepting our communications and perhaps running Google searches would have to conclude that the male human species on earth, especially men in America, are brainless brutes who ALL create their own private Idaho of violence as part of their mating ritual.

Of course, this is not true. American women are the most privileged group in the history of the world. They are the safest, the most pampered, and with the most options available to them of any group (including those horrible members of the "patriarchy") the world has ever seen. Despite this fact, their "voice" is now a shrill cacophony of loud complaints that is heard above all others.

Many women, in fact probably most women, are aware of this. Most are thankful that they live in times that give them so many options, from being a housewife with children to sitting at the head of the table in the boardroom of a major corporation. Thankful that they have the best medical care, best housing, best nutrition, most access to education, and fastest transportation ever available to any group (including men). Unfortunately, a shrill few, who are also the loudest, the angriest, the most disaffected, and most hateful, seem to have the bullhorn.

Breaking the Silence is yet another unreasonable and hateful scream from those controlling the bullhorn. Perhaps a letter recently sent to PBS provides the best picture of how distorted and gross gender politics in our generation has become. That letter follows:


Dear Madison,

As a father who was initially accused of child abuse (and later,
spousal abuse), and in each instance, without any evidence to back the
allegations, and, as a father who attempted to impress upon the court
that the children of this marriage were indeed being subject to intense
parental alienation, an act also noted by the forensic evaluator, and a
father who ultimately lost custody of his children as a result of
the 'system' being unduly swayed by the feminist rant of 'PAS' being a
fraudulent science brought onto the courts by 'angry fathers', I take
great offense at your response.

Upon the release of the original 'Breaking the Silence' episode, I
contacted my local PBS station (KPBS in San Diego, CA) and informed
them of my concern. Their response was that my concerns were to be
forwarded to the station manager who I was promised would get back to
me and which, to no surprise, he/she never did.

You would claim by this piece that the researchers found that PAS is a
myth. In the interest of fair journalism, they should take a look at my
six children who now are beginning to speak as they come of age and are
just coming to grips with how the system sold them out regarding your
(and so many others) rejection of PAS as a legitimate concern. If you
dare, and if you can dare to be an informed, open-minded, and impartial
journalist, you would take on this challenge to take a look at what
many judges here in San Diego County have found to be one of the most
outrageous and bungled litigations in this county's Family Courts.

Listen to my children!

Listen to the anger of my oldest son, now 19, forced to babysit his
five younger brothers and sisters and to be the father to them I wanted
to be, while their mother went out drinking many nights and slept most
of the time when home!

Listen to my oldest daughter who now is trying to find a way to assuage
her guilt over the years she acted in 'alliance' with her mother's

Look at my second oldest son who is now suffering from depression and
social anxiety disorder.

And if a man's word cannot be believed, look to the timeline of events
in this case, these are most difficult to dispute ...

12/1998; restraining order against father on mother's word only, no
2/1999; father given supervised visitation
4/1999; supervision of father removed, first warning to mother
5/1999; father's timeshare increased to 30% unsupervised
2/2000; father's timeshare reduced voluntarily, CPS involvement
3/2000; father's timeshare restored, judge determines perjury on part
of CPS case worker, mother cautioned again
3/2000; CPS case worker, taken off case, in retaliation, colludes with
mother and adversely influences custody evaluator
mid 2000; mother given last warning to stop alleging behavior,
emotional abuse of children
late 2000; initial judge leaves family court, case handed to new judge
through 2/2001; more allegations and numerous legal challenges money
eventually runs out, father settles for 10% timeshare and is forced to
take on over $50K in community debt
12/2002; financial decisions overturned, mother was found to have
committed perjury, order to pay remaining taxes on community and
reimburse father
12/2002; mother files child support arrearage claim with DCSS later
determined to be fraudulent
6/2003; mother files appeal of perjury finding / overturn of financial
2/2005; mother loses appeal, unanimous decision
8/2005; mother sanctioned for fraudulent application of DCSS services
10/2005; mother continues to defy court, refuses to pay sanctions,
taxes, refuses to allow visitation, files motion to increase child
support based on father's non-involvement with children despite his
consistent attempts to exercise visitation (consistent in arriving at
mother's residence for pickup/dropoff)

PAS is real, very real, and ignorance of this fact will lead to a new
generation of children subjected to a new form of abuse, that being the
wholesale emotional battering of children by their mothers and the lack
of a fraternal interest and development in their precious,
impressionable lives. And PBS appears to be leading the charge to see
that our children are freely brought up in this new environment
of 'FatherHate'.

I would suggest to you that we do need to "BREAK THE SILENCE"!
Unfortunately it is PBS, Connecticut Public Television, and the Mary
Kay Foundation that are forcing the true 'silence' on society.

I for one (and I will also encourage many others), will be taking a
stand if this 'hate' piece should be broadcasted by PBS unedited and
without any fair and unrepressed coverage of the equally horrid side of
child abuse, that being the type of abuse that is perpetrated mainly by
the angry and vindictive women of this country, PAS. If you can't do
that, then we have no need for PBS, Mary Kay, and any other entity that
would seek to preserve this mode of injury to our children they so
proudly promote and disguise.

Anyway, here is my contact info, I would welcome any journalistic
investigation of my experience. Any takers?

John van Doorn
San Diego, CA 92131

858-XXX-XXXX [address and telephone number removed to protect Mr. van Doorn]

PS, any comment on the so-called 'mother' who dumped her three young
children into San Francisco Bay the other week. And how about one Susan
Eubanks, a so-called 'mother here in San Diego county, who shot her
four sons to death in cold blood in 2000. The oldest son's body (he was
about 15 years of age if I recall properly) was found positioned on a
bed in front of his two younger brothers and spread out in an attempt
to protect them. Susan Smith in South Carolina is another, dumping her
two young children strapped in their infant seats, into a lake in South
Carolina. Any comments? or is this just a figment of a bunch of angry
men's imaginations? Should we forgive the mother who would kill her
children because of post-partum depression or some of the other 'myths'
the professionals in the industry are willing to accept. The blood of
the children above screams out for consideration of their situation.



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