Sunday, October 16, 2005

Domestic Violence Close to Home

Hidden, thankfully, on B-4 of Saturday's Pee Eye Fishwrapper is the fact that multiple police officers, 50, from 18 jurisdictions went out the other day and got some of those patriarchial DV perps.

Now, one may think that sounds bold, but read on, and you will see nationwide that 1245 officers got only 1012 guys. Brilliant use of tax money.

But wait, Geez, these are bad guys, and what is this close to home? You just miss getting arrested, because we all know you are a nasty mean guy?

While jonesing for a job on the phone, there was a persistent knock at the door on Thursday. It is hard to tell if you are knocking on my door, or across the hall, and I saw a neighbor come my way just before the knock, so I ignored it.

When it persisted, I mentioned that I was on the phone, and the voice on the other side of the door announced "King County Sheriff".

Figuring it was some of Jim Fuda's buds angry that I outed his phoney diploma mill diploma, I got off the phone, and answered the door.

Well, they were Fuda's buds, as evidenced by a subsequent conversation, but they were looking for the young kid that used to live across the hall.

Inquiring as to what they wanted with him, since he moved out over FIFTEEN months ago, they mentioned it was a DV perp roundup.

Hmmmmm, does not jibe with Geezer's take on the kid. Drilled down a bit, and they mentioned it was a "former girlfriend". Now, the kid didn't have a GF, some females came by from time to time, but no GF, so after they left, I went and found one of the female friends.

She was shocked, then the ol' lightbulb lit up, and she said, "I wonder if that is about his sister". Well, old sis is one piece of work. She has a different last name, too, so the cops could have mistaken her for a GF. My source says that sweet sis, the one that soaked a rag in used motor oil, and smeared it all over my car, causing $500 in paint damage for some percieved slight I made, filed a restraining order against him, then told them not to prosecute.

Knowing how this machine works, I suppose the kid ignored stuff, trusting his whack-o sister (mom is a certified nutcase, too) that she dropped charges.

Bottom line, if this kid is typical of the roundup, they had to reach way back in the files to find the perps, and didn't even bother to check if these were really bad guys, or more innocent men being caught in the DV industry's machine.

Geezer thinks the latter.

Oh, and the cops need to get the trustees to wash their car.


Blogger One man said...

The cops look for the easy targets first. After all, why make it harder on themselves than they have too? They come for the ones that aren't running because then can catch them and if they catch someone they look like they are doing something. They actually seem to prefer arresting the guys that come in on their own, those are the easiest and yield the same benefits in the public eye. It looks much better than admitting that they CAN'T catch the real bad guys, the ones that these laws are designed to effect. So they grab the guys they can get their hands on, the good dads that stay where they can be with their kids and the guys that don't know they are wanted. The real bad guys are too smart and elusive for the cops. But we all already know that.

10/16/2005 04:05:00 PM  

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