Friday, October 21, 2005

The DV Smear Tactic Surfaces In King County Races

Well, here we go with liberal Democrats ace-in-the-hole when the going gets rough: accuse your opponent of domestic violence.

The false hysteria generated about the topic of domestic violence is covered extensively on this blog. Suffice it to say that in the current irrational environment, accusations of domestic violence are used to discredit men generally as well as men and fathers in specific settings, such as family courts. The basic strategy is straightforward – make an accusation of domestic violence and then leave the man in question (the one accused) in a discredited position and therefore unable to defend himself.

So, Sims ally in the Puget Sound blog-o-sphere is doing just that: accusing David Irons of domestic violence. Then, the Seattle PI picks up the story in their effort to save the failing campaign of Sims.

This is also the same struggle that King County Sheriff candidate Greg Schmidt faces. Schmidt once called the police after his new wife became violent, but then found himself being arrested. He spent large sums of money to clear himself of the charges and further pursued a lawsuit against King County for prosecuting him even though they had absolutely no evidence.

In Schmidts case, he faces an uphill battle against Sue Rahr, even though he is clearly the more accomplished and not to mentioned most intelligent, articulate, and savy of the two. For her part, Sue Rahr considers herself an activist in the area domestic violence and brings this up as often as possible in order to further unfairly taint Schmidt.

Given the effectiveness of a mere accusation of domestic violence in impeaching the credibility of the accused, it is no surprise that Sims and his pal at Horses Ass would resort to such a tactic.

The people of King County, and especially men and fathers, should reject this tactic and vote in overwhelming numbers for both Schmidt and Irons. Otherwise, this sort of baseless character impeachment will continue and male voters may also find that they are victims of this sort gender feminist attack themselves, especially if they land in family court.

If this tactic does not stop here and now with these two races, you can be sure that it will continue. It will then be virtually impossible for a male candidate to win political office in King County unless he is directly involved in attacking men, fathers, and families, like both Sims and Nickels are.


Blogger One man said...

You know how they work. When all else fails, passionately lie through your teeth. We spend a good deal of time debunking their lies. But for some reason the general public (whomever they really are) still would rather believe the lies. Are the intelligent and less gullible people really that rare? Has the selfish victim disease spread to so many? Are the complacent still in the majority? Stupid people breed at an alarming rate. I suppose it's possible.

10/21/2005 01:54:00 PM  
Blogger Iguana said...

I think that too many people are lazy, that's for sure. But, also too many people watch the mainstream media and believe what these people say. They don't realize that CNN, for example, espouses an ideology and that they pick and choose information and stories and present those stories in such a way as to promote their ideology.

So, as long as the mainstream media is controlled by people that are true believers in the current definition of political correctness, the masses will go on believing the crap they are fed through their TV.

But, we are making progress because thankfully there are now other outlets, such as blogs, to get the truth out.

10/25/2005 11:44:00 PM  

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