Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How Men Are Put Down And How To Get Back Up!

By George Rolph London 2005

Shaming men is a very effective way of putting men down. A technique that is useful for this is to find, within society, the worst cases of poor manhood and expose them, endlessly, to public gaze. This creates an impression that ALL men are like these unfortunates. Then, simply repeat those images and stories over and over again. In time, the public will begin to get the idea that most men are abusers, child molesters, unable to remain faithful within relationships, deadbeat fathers, too stupid to do housework or make major decisions and so on.

Examples of this behaviour can been seen in women’s magazine articles, soap operas and movies, sitcoms, news reports (Particularly on the BBC and Channel 4), newspapers, talk shows (Such as, Jerry Springer and The Jeremy Kyle Show), radio programs (Women’s Hour etc.), modern literature, cartoons, feminist web sites, Open University programs on TV, (UK). advertisements in the press, bumper stickers, editorials, T-shirts, and other items of clothing and in women’s studies groups in colleges and universities. The crucible of this hatred is left wing feminist politics.

Some men are animals. So what! Does that mean you are one of them? When the last time you abused a child, robbed a store or raped a female? Does it anger you that people think you might be a rapist or child molester? Does it bug you when you see women, frightened by the lie that most men are dangerous, crossing the street when they see a man coming?

Ironically, there is a side to this disgusting misandry (Male Hating) that is having a very positive effect. Men are becoming much more politically aware and are thinking through their own identity at a much deeper level than ever before. This is creating a sense of brotherhood in men and in turn, this is creating a very effective and organised force for change.


One of the most effective ways for anti male bigots to keep men from speaking out is to launch savage and rapid attacks on any man who puts his head over the politically correct parapet. This is an identical technique to that used by female abusers of children and men.

It works like this:


First attack non stop, verbally and/or physically.
Wait for the victim to get angry.
Claim the anger is evidence that the person is unstable and hates women
Pour guilt upon the angry victim or punish him in other ways
Encourage others to join the attacks on the victim by crying, looking distressed, or by claiming personal victim hood status
Encourage the authorities to join in the attacks.
Ridicule the victim into silence

Anyone who has ever watched bullies at their work or, who has been bullied in school, will be very familiar with this list of techniques. That is why I call it,
The Bigots Attack List. For the list to operate effectively, the male victim of it must voluntarily back down. The sense that it is wrong to attack females, even in self defence, works against these men and they effectively silence themselves.
Note carefully: I am NOT talking about attacking females in a physical way here.
This can be observed by watching men in daytime chat shows being attacked and, despite the strength of their arguments or cases, folding under pressure because fighting back goes against their learned chivalrous behaviour.
If you study the techniques used by the Ku Klux Klan, domestic abusers, Nazis, various dictators, playground and work place bullies and Radical Feminists, you will find the same structure from this list always appears.

These techniques have been, and are being used today. The problem for those perpetrating this abuse of men is that the public they are seeking to brainwash, are growing ever more tired of hearing what they know is a lie. The outrage and fury at the constant denigration of males is growing ever more strident and It’s not just men who are angry. Mothers have sons and husbands too.


For men to be effective at fighting back against this organised bigotry it is VITAL that they first free themselves from the fear of fighting back. In turn, this means they must challenge their own thinking and emotional responses with respect to angry females. Retreating into silence or naked, uncontrolled aggression is, frankly, foolish. However, getting angry is NOT wrong and IS a perfectly healthy response to an attack. How ever much politicians, judges, policemen, social workers, feminists, the press and other women etc., try to convince men that their anger is not acceptable, the individual man must learn to ignore those voices and allow himself to feel angry in appropriate ways. To quote Morpheus in the movie, The Matrix..., “Free your mind.”

Do NOT accept the criticisms levelled at you or your gender as valid just because they may apply to some men. Some men are not all men. Spend time thinking about the wonderfully positive things that men have achieved. Take a look out of your window and make a mental note of all the things that you see that men have invented, built and given to us all. Do the same in your kitchen. Everything from the house you live in, the taps on your sink, the car in your drive and the roads you drive on. Every time an aircraft flies overhead or a boat sails past your beach, remember that it was men, just like you, who invented and built them. As you dwell on these things learn to love your own gender. Feel the great pride of belonging to a gender that has shaped our world. Men are great and its time we started telling people that. Its time we started to tell our sons that they are a part of a wonderful heritage and a powerful brotherhood they can, and should be, proud of. Men are not the oppressors that radical feminists like to paint them as.

Remember: When the Titanic sank the men stayed on board and gave up their places in the lifeboats to the women and children. How oppressive is that? As men we have fought and died in tens of thousands of wars to keep our families free. Every war memorial you will ever see is filled with the names of our brothers, who sacrificed all so that we can walk in safety. And that includes all those radical feminists who hate us. It was our fathers, throughout history, that bought the men-haters the freedom to say what they do and that blood was, and still is, too expensive a price to pay to allow those who hate the family and men to succeed in destroying them.
We have to start refusing to accept the lie that all men are pigs. We have to reject all those negative messages about heterosexual men, families and marriages etc. Until we free our own minds we cannot free those of our sons. Many men and women have always done this and live happy and fulfilled lives as a result. Join us and let us turn back the tide of what amounts to racist and sick man hatred. (Misandy)
Come and join in our determination to place men and their families back upon the mountain of respectability and pride they belong on.

We have all witnessed the terrible effects of family breakdown on our societies. We have seen our streets teeming with out of control kids brought up without the discipline and leadership of a genuine father figure. We have all shed tears at the images on the news of youngsters dead from drug overdoses, or shot while committing crimes. These, and many other tragic stories are the direct results of the attacks on the family, hetrosexual men and the institution of marriage. As the comedian Chris Rock puts it, “Just because you can raise a child without a father, does not mean it’s a good idea!”

The time has come to stand up and say that we will no longer accept those things going on. It is time for men to once again be real men and refuse to have anything to do with those sick social experiments that have come so close to destroying the very foundations of our societies. It is time for real men to use their votes to tell politicians that we are not going to take this anymore. It is time for real men to write to TV stations, the press, their elected representatives, companies that produce Ad’s denigrating men and on and on, that we are no longer going to stand silently by while they destroy those people and things we love. No reasonable man wants to put women down, but no real man wants to see his own rights and those of his father and son destroyed either. It’s time for real men to say, NO MORE!

Get educated about what is really going on in our world them come and help us to fight back. We will help you by pointing you in the right direction. We can show you what Internet sites are worth looking at. What books to read etc. You can help us by putting your skills to work for men just like you.

Come and join the greatest band of brothers the world will ever see and help us to help our future sons. It’s time for men to build a memorial to the living. A monument that our sons can be proud of. A page of history that reflects the glory of most men and not the failures of a few.

George Rolph London 2005

Posted with permission of the author, by the Geezer


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Its about time men started speaking too.

Bloody well said.

From Micky

9/28/2005 04:43:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I consider myself leftwing and a feminist. About the issue of useless male characters in adverts, it appears that (mostly male) ad execs think that in order to appeal to women they need to put men down. Not true, as the saying goes, feminists don't want to control men, we just want to have control over ourselves.
Another example of useless male (and female) characters in adverts is called (IIRC) the anti-aspirational. Instead of the advert message being "buy this product and you will be as great as the character", anti-aspirationals work the other way, i.e. "buy this product or you'll be like this useless character".

9/29/2005 04:13:00 AM  
Blogger One man said...

"anonymous" you sound stuck in the seventies. Back then the feminist movement had some credibility. The current Feminist movement is not about equality; you already have better than that. It is about supremacy and justifying said supremacy.

Take a long hard look at the feminist sites linked here, like Ifeminist, Independent Women’s Forum and Feministing.org. These are women that see what is happening to men without the taint of prejudice or a bitter hatred for their ex-husbands or neglectful fathers.

If women were still being held back by this mythical monster known as the patriarchy, do you really believe that Hilary would be considered for the presidency? A woman is finally going to run for president and has a good chance of winning.

I have personally been victimized by lying women who know how to take advantage of the legal bias. I have spent time in jail when a woman attacked me. It was said I provoked her and therefore it was my fault. And yet had she provoked me in the same way it would still have been me going to jail. There is no excuse for domestic violence, unless you are a woman, then you are excused. You think this fair? You think that is equal?

If you want to be equal then act equal. If you can’t act equal then you are not. No special treatment, no VAWA, no Family Court bias. The same rules should apply to everyone.

What happens to women rapists compared to men? Oh, wait, women are always the victim, even when the boy is 8 and the girl is 14 or when the boys are 16 and the woman in her 30s. I forget. It is always the man’s (boy’s) fault. As we all know so well, boys mature much faster than girls and a boy (wanting sex with an older woman) can make that adult decision while a girl of the same age in the same shoes is too young and immature to make these decisions for herself. Look at Masculiste. There is an excellent showcase of how women are excused often enough and when they are actually convicted, the sentences are rarely more than 5% of what a man’s sentence would be for the same crime. That’s correct, 5%.

Open your eyes. 30 years have gone by and a lot has changed.

9/29/2005 09:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

("stuck in the seventies"? I was born in the seventies.)
Thanks for those links, I'll take a look. BTW, perhaps I should mention I am British, not American, so perhaps the experience is a little different here. (Have you heard of a UK group "Fathers for Justice"?)

9/29/2005 12:45:00 PM  
Blogger One man said...

LOL I apologize. You are younger than I and remind me of many early feminists that I know (and love anyway) that aren't keeping up. They seem to be “stuck in the seventies.” They don’t realize how different things are now. Where did you get the idea that women are still being subjected in western culture? Even in Britain men are the ones being discriminated against. You should read through our links (on the right here -->). They are a good way of seeing what we stand for. You may be surprised what you find there.

9/29/2005 01:12:00 PM  
Blogger Emancipated said...

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2/15/2006 07:59:00 AM  

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