Monday, September 26, 2005

We Need the UN Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

At one time, I held out hope for the UN. Not anymore.

Carey Roberts sums up the reasons why.

The UN is for the most part an irrelevant organization. When one says this to a UN supporter, they are quick to point out one or two of the things the UN does that actually helps people, such as providing aid to feed the children of impoverished countries. And, occassionally, it fulfills its peacekeeping role.

The fact is that the UN does not even do these few things very effectively. It is hard for an organization to promote peace when it is preoccupied with such nonsense as "gender mainstreaming."

Curing hunger and peacekeeping missions could much better be handled by organizations focused specifically on each function. That way, ideology and corruption would interfere less with purpose driven activities.


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