Tuesday, September 27, 2005

W is for 'What Men's Rights?'

Imagine you are 19-year old young man, holding down a job, a regular guy. You have a home, and a car. Your life is good, your whole life is in front of you. One day you get up, and grab a bite at the local fast-food joint, and then head off to your job at a building supply store. Just the regular workaday stuff. Little do you know that a couple girls are skipping school at the same time. No big deal for you. They are not even people you know, or will see today. But you are male. And the girls need an excuse for their truancy. So they claim that they were abducted and raped. The girls pick your photo out of a large collection that the cops have. Anyone would have done for them. You just happened to be about the right age to fit into their story. But that's fine, right, there's no evidence, you should be questioned and released, right? And you even have lots of alibis, your job, the people you were with that day, the eye doctor who saw you. Wrong. Not in this country. You are the wrong sex. -Instead you spend 86 days in jail awaiting trial, and are a target for every other prisoner, because you are a 'pervert'. You are severely beaten. You are placed in isolation for your own protection. The whole community knows your name, and believes you are guilty. Death threats are made. You cannot appear in court without a bullet-proof vest. You loose your home, your car, and your job. Finally, you are released when one of the girls finally admits she made up the charges. You can try to sue the girls, and the police, but really, the damage is done.

I hear a lot of stories like this. And it is because of two things:
1) Men don't have any rights anymore, and

2) Unfortunately, many, even the majority of rape and assault claims ARE made up, irregardless of what NOW and the gender-feminists tell us.
It really could happen to you. It could be happening right now. You might arrive home tonight and find the cops at your door, and say goodbye to your family for the next 10 years. ...Imagine if that one girl handn't recanted? Evidence apparently doesn't matter. Alibis apparently don't matter. Genetic evidence can be ignored. You could be in jail for a long, long time just waiting for trial. You might not live to make trial. And you might find that once in court, the evidence still didn't matter. After all, you are a man. A loaded weapon of sexual assault, just waiting to go off.

Be careful out there. Not that it will help.


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Blogger Tom Swanson said...

Women are Eloi,
Men are Morlocks.
That is the world we live in.

Thanks feminist!

9/27/2005 07:16:00 AM  
Blogger One man said...

"...a loaded weapon of sexual assault..." LOL nice turn of phrase. It's not just that. It's any assault. You don't have to be accused of rape to get this machine chewing on you. Any assault will do.

9/27/2005 05:39:00 PM  

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