Thursday, June 16, 2005

Who Says Lies Don't Run Marathons?

Here is a wonderful article by Carey Roberts that was on back in April. I missed this one; otherwise I would have mentioned it by now.

Carey points out something that we all need to remember: The gender feminist victim cult will stop at nothing in their war on their mythical bogeyman called the “patriarchy.”

They started with the lie about Super Bowl Sunday being one big domestic violence party day for men. They leveraged this hoax, along with the horror of the OJ trial, to get one of their pet projects through Congress - the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

Anyone who has watched an entire Super Bowl knows that it is more likely to put a viewer to sleep than to inspire violence. But, never mind that, because this lie has run one hell of a marathon and is still repeated by gender feminists even though it was soundly debunked.

Once they realized how much mileage they could get from a lie, they made up an entire encyclopedia of them. All of those Women Studies departments in universities around the country, most of which are supported by taxpayer dollars, are not sitting idle after all. If you are not familiar with the smorgasbord of myths the gender feminists use to have their way with spineless federal and state legislatures, please check out the many columns of Glenn Sacks.

As VAWA's reathorization deadline of September 30, 2005 approaches, Carey gave us all a warning in her article:

As the clock ticks down to September 30, the rad-fems are beginning to panic. Armageddon-Day strategy memos are circulating on the Internet. Decisive action soon will be needed to galvanize public support.

Get ready for a reprise of the Super Bowl Hoax.
No doubt, Carey is right. I don't know about you, but I'm expecting a whopper any day now.


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