Friday, June 10, 2005

VAWA Con Dios, Biden

The first step towards reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was taken yesterday, with a press release from the office of patriarchy fighting superhero, Senator Joseph Biden. The press release outlines several areas in which Biden, and his lackey Republican lap dogs, Senators Orrin Hatch and Arlen Specter, want to “strengthen” VAWA.

The press release may as well have been written by the most fervent gender feminist of the University of Washington Women Studies department. It paints women as victims and men as perpetrators in a fantasy world of violence. Not surprisingly, most of the myths fabricated by gender feminists are repeated in the press release.

It failed, however, to mention what this bill is really about. In its fervor to attack men and fathers, it is really about attacking a mythical concept called the “patriarchy.” According to gender feminists, all women are victims of the patriarchy. Every ill suffered by women in society is a result of the “power and control” exerted over them by a conspiracy of men.

Of course, no mention is made of the research done by the vast majority of serious scholars of this topic, all of whom conduct their studies based on scientific evidence, as opposed to the angry and misandrist ideology of the contemporary feminist victim cult. This research, by such leading scholars as Dr. Don Dutton and Christina Hoff Sommers, demonstrate clearly that in fact women instigate domestic violence more often than men. Presumably, this information is withheld from the public’s view by politicians and the media because it disproves the very theory and ideology that is used as an excuse for VAWA. And, all parties involved know that VAWA sells.

The bottom line of the new version of VAWA is that it will gratuitously provide more money to the industry that has built up around shattering the lives of men and fathers. More money for “advocates” who work hard to convince any woman that comes into their web that they are a victim of domestic violence. More money for GALs in family courts who operate with the sole purpose of stripping fathers of access to their children, which amazingly they do even when the mother does not want to go that far. More money for domestic violence “experts” who troll police departments to ensure that officers only arrest men no matter what the circumstances they find after a 911 call.

Indeed, more money all the way around so that graduates of women studies programs can earn a salary practicing the hateful ideology they learned from activists and generally socialist professors.

In reality, VAWA is a blatant pander to the most extreme gender feminists in our country. It is surprising that Hatch and Specter would support it, but one can only assume that their political calculation shows they can wrap it in the myths and spin it to their benefit.

Republicans such as Hatch seem to have fallen into a trap set by Biden to alienate their party from men and fathers. The involvement of Republicans reaffirms that men and fathers do not have a friend in either of the major parties. Blacks are often criticized for giving their votes so freely to Democrats, who would not know what to do if blacks in our country actually started exercising their voice, which is often conservatively Christian. But, men should be equally criticized for giving their votes in such large proportions to Republicans. For all their bluster about traditional family values, your average Republican is no friend of men or fathers.

You cannot count on the few local Republicans in the Seattle area either. Using the political calculation that he can benefit from his alignment with fighting the patriarchy in liberal King County, Representative Dave Reichert is a major proponent of VAWA. You can be sure he will vote for the reauthorization of this horrible legislation and then come home to boast about it.

The public needs to know that the topic of domestic violence was hijacked by radical feminists in the mid-1990s when they were running out of causes and loosing relevance in a society that long ago opened opportunities to women. Men need to know that the Republicans they too often vote for are complicit, even some of the chief promoters, of painting them as violent mongrels in need of social reeducation.

The public also needs to know that gender feminists, who clearly run the VAWA show, do not care about helping those, not even women, that are trapped in violent relationships. They do not care about the fact that their domestic violence perpetrator “treatment” gulags, which are based on the Duluth model of patriarchal control over women, do nothing to prevent domestic violence. They do not care that false claims of domestic violence are as frequent as tears on an Oprah Winfry show and are the number one tactic in divorce proceedings. Their only objective is to force as many men as possible into anti-patriarchy reeducation. Ultimately, they want to force men and fathers into a position of insecurity and, ideally, to abandon the idea of marriage altogether.

Men in their thirties in King County apparently are responding to this attack. As of 2000, 46% of men in the county in their thirties had never been married. Only 33% of women in their thirties had never been married, demonstrating that they are still hungry for love and commitment. But, with the burgeoning membership of dating services by women in their 40s, and fewer and fewer men willing to risk their physical and economic liberty with marriage, these women are increasingly left to lead their lives alone.

This obviously makes the members of the gender feminist victim cult very happy. But, with women forming groups such as iFeminists and the Independent Women’s Forum, there are clearly many that would like to express a different view from those that would try to force them to speak with a monolithic voice of victimhood.

In any case, one of the major parties had best start listening to them. Otherwise, one or both parties run the risk of being replaced by a party that does. In which case, it will be VAWA con Dios.


Blogger Tom Swanson said...

VAWA, please. . . .
Like violence against women is more important than any other kind of violence. We already have laws on the books for domestic violence, but here we go again with special rights given to women!

Maybe I should lobby for:
Violence against Children
Violence against Doggies
Violence against Neighbors
Violence against Police Officers
Violence against Pro Atheletes
Violence against Motorists
need I go on. . . ?

6/11/2005 08:37:00 AM  
Blogger One man said...

How do they justify "strengthening" VAWA? Can we compare the pre-VAWA DV stats with post-VAWA? I bet the post-VAWA stats are higher, which could go a long way in proving our point. Did VAWA save Lacy Peterson? Did it save Crystal Brame? More likely VAWA made the environment where those men felt they had no other choice. I think VAWA creates more victims. Some real and more fake. But isn't that what they want? They need more victims to feed the machine.

6/11/2005 05:36:00 PM  

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