Thursday, June 29, 2006

"We now see what we are reluctant to see"

A quote in the Seattle Times from prosecutor Norm Maleng as he struggles with his reticular activator to "see" the reality of a woman murdering her husband for money:
"We now see what we are reluctant to see," Maleng said during a news conference Tuesday morning to announce the charges. "A man who was set up and murdered by his own family for financial reasons."
The "reluctant" comment by Maleng is gross understatement. It's as if he is trying to find an excuse for arresting and charging a female murderer. Government agencies, courts, police forces, and even the public have been indoctrinated not to see the abussive and violent behavoir of some women. Where are the DV divas and screem queens now? Why aren't there quotes in the newspaper from the Eastside Domestic Violence Shelter aristocracy about the danger all men live under? For that matter, where is the usual domestic violence hysteria column from Nicole Brodeur? She could write this one about the damage done in our state by women with hyphenated last names.

Even Maleng must have been pretty dang "reluctant," because it took him 15 months to press charges even though the 911 call that alerted police to the slaying came from Ogden-Whitehead's own cell phone while she was supposedly at home and in bed at the time of the brutal murder.

Velma got her son and one of his friends to do the dirty deed of murdering her husband. She did it for the money from life insurance and the sale of investments Jon had accumulated prior to his ill-fated marriage to Velma. She netted more than $1 million by selling Jon Ogden's assets and collecting on his life insurance; quite an increase from the lifestyle she had before getting maried.

So-called domestic violence experts concede that over 300 men are killed by the women in their lives each year, but they are also quick to point out that roughly 1,000 women per year are killed by husbands and boyfrieds. The Ogden-Whitehead murder case demonstrates why 300 is under-estimated. Women who kill their husbands and boyfrieds often get another man to do their dirty work. Those murders do not show up in the statistics of women killing men.

Notice that the column in the Seattle Times was quick to find anecdotal and hearsay evidence that, of course, Jon Ogden was abusing Ogden-Whitehead in some way, such as not allowing her to run up credit cards. These totally ubsubstantiated rumors (which never should have been reported by the Seattle Times, by the way) were based on Ogden-Whitehead's supposed statements to freinds. Yes, complaints by the same woman that was doing dramatic appearances with press coverage at the scene of HER crime, which the press was lapping up, asking the murderer (which was actually HER) to turn himself in. How much credibility does she have?

So, it's time to ask all of the politicians who have used domestic violence hysteria for political gain: What of Ogden-Whitehead?


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