Monday, June 12, 2006

DSHS Systematically Inclined to Make Bad Choices

Jim Miller of Sound Politics questions why CPS would place children in the home of a foster parent with a criminal history. It seems pretty obvious that CPS failed and it is hard to believe, given the history of the foster parent discussed. Look at the DSHS system that CPS exists within (DSHS is the disfunctional "parent" of CPS), and you start to see some answers.

DSHS is primarily focused on getting federal matching funds for collecting child support. DSHS actually has a financial incentive to see divorces, broken families, and children living in homes without biological fathers. Without divorce and subsequent child support, DSHS would not receive millions of dollars of federal matching funds, which is basically just profit and helps pay the paychecks of the bureaucracy.

It's very easy for them to justify this as being all about the kids. But, look at the ideology driving people such as the head of DSHS, who has a hyphonated last name, and you start to see the picture of an underlying ambigious attitude about the benefit of fathers in the lives of their children.

When an agency makes the removal of biological fathers from the lives of their children a policy and only sees those fathers as paychecks (for the mother and for the DSHS bureaucracy), it leads to a confused mission.

Check out this article by Glen Sacks, that just came out today. Around the entire country, these agencies are so ideologically confused and anti-father that only 8% of kids that are removed from the homes of mothers are placed with their biological fathers. Yes, some of these fathers are as screwed up as the mothers. But, a lot of them are not - a lot more than 8% are not. Amazingly, for DSHS and many other similar agencies in states across the country, placement with the father of a child removed from the mother's home is not even considered as a first option.

Now, who wants to argue with this statement: Since DSHS receives profit from federal matching funds for every dollar of child support they receive, they have an incentive to place children with foster parents (like the scum-bag Miller is talking about) instead of with their real fathers. After all, placement with the real father would result in child support payments ending, and a reduction in child support payments results in a reduction in federal matching funds. In other words, it's more profitable for DSHS to place kids with foster parents than with biological fathers.

My guess is that most people working in CPS are dedicated and trying their best. Some are bad, of course. But, they operate within an anti-father organization and climate. They are systematically inclined to make bad choices as a result.


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Even the slow of wit should be able to understand this explaination.

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