Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hear That Vagina Roar

Vagina warrior Susan Paynter says, “We are women, hear us roar.”

Paynter has herself worked up of the prospect of Mike McGavitt defeating Maria Cantwell in November. The single, childless, and cold-as-ice Cantwell is the hero of every man-hating gender-obsessed feminist in the state.

Paynter claims McGavitt’s feet will be held to the fire over his position on abortion. Not only will wrinkled old feminists have a fire reignited in their belly, according to Paynter, but so will the “men who love them.”

One wonders whether the control fantasies of these bitter women meet with reality when their meek husbands and boyfriends saunter into private voting booths. I suppose that in many cases, women like Paynter actually insist on filling out the mail-in ballot forms of their spouses in order to ensure that those poor guys are voting the party line (is this the motivation for all mail-in voting?). Nevertheless, passive aggressive Washington men are probably pretty good at sneaking around the edges and getting their protest votes in when they really want to.

But, even assuming Paynter and her aging sisters actually cast the ballots of their spouses, she is forgetting about a fundamental change in the population census data over the past couple of decades. No Democrat is elected or re-elected in Washington without winning a solid majority of King County voters. That fact butts up against another - nearly 50% of men in the county in their 30’s are not married. A solid chunk of these men never plan to enter this potentially disastrous contract. They are wising up.

With the National Center for Men garnering incredible headlines and fretting commentary for its lawsuit attempting to gain reproductive rights for men, the non-existence of their reproductive rights and gender punitive nature of current law are no longer shunned topics in the news. More wising up.

Sure, some single issue environmental extremists will vote for Cantwell anyway. Not all though. After spending so much of its political capital on gender feminist causes, the state’s Democrats run the risk of loosing enough of these male votes in King County to toss Cantwell out of the cozy Senate dining room.

And, what of that feminine “roar”? Feminist controlled organizations in the state have been running at full tilt for years. Their money supplies have probably been maxed out for a while. Editorial comments in the region’s mainstream news media could not be any more biased toward self-censured political correctism, and some of that media, like Paynter’s Seattle PI, are in their death throes.

It’s hard to imagine an audibly distinct roar rising from the whinny feminist cacophony.


Blogger HeebrewHammer said...

3/21/2006 02:09:00 PM  
Blogger Steve Imparl said...

Imagine that. Vaginocrats like Susan Paynter are going to roar for their right to kill. Are we supposed to be impressed?

3/24/2006 01:46:00 AM  

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