Monday, February 06, 2006

So Long My Valentine

The Seattle Times tries to do a service to all of us singles out there just before Valentines Day by giving stories of couples hooking up. This must make Eve Ensler’s Seattle followers of the Vagina Cult rabid. They are busy trying to supplant what was once a day to celebrate love with their Vagina Monologue darkness.

People do keep hooking up, even if they have to overcome the risk of rejection. For men, though, there is an additional risk that makes many hesitate if not completely abort before making a commitment. These days, the feminist state is actively working to free women and girls from the oppression of the patriarchy. There is no such thing as “the patriarchy” of course, so that means that the state is simply attacking boys, men, and the institution of marriage at every opportunity.

The evidence is everywhere. Almost 50% of men in their thirties in King County have never been married. That is a perfectly rational response to the risk of loosing your economic and physical freedom that a relationship now poses for all men.

Since men are turning their noses up at marriage, and keeping the fruits of their labor to themselves, the feminist state has taken another tact: it is getting harder to get at the resources of men through marriage and children, so the feminist state has decided to attack men while they are still boys. The next generation of men are getting shortchanged in public schools, denied the opportunity to go to college, and prepared for an adulthood of second-class citizenship.

Even teenage love has been criminalized, at least for the male side of the equation, as the new version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has dedicated huge sums of federal dollars to "solve" an exagerated problem of "date rape." In other words, any girl that has second thoughts about necking with your teenage son will be encouraged to accuse him of rape; after that, he will be guilty until proven innocent or, in other words, guilty of being a boy. It's now important for all parents to teach their boys that "no" means no, "yes" means no, and any forward advance by a teenage girl should be treated with extreme caution if not outright rejected.

Sadly, that leaves the perception that suicide as about the only option left to achieve freedom. Teenage boys and adult men are taking that option at alarming rates.

Valentines Day used to be fun. It was a day for many people to celebrate the fact that they had found love and a day for the rest to be reminded that a loving relationship is the best way for a human to find happiness. Lately though, the forces of darkness have been winning, and Valentines Day is left as nothing more than a reminder of how cynical and disaffected forces can ruin just about anything.


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