Saturday, February 18, 2006

P is for Perjury

This is going to be a short post, because I want to go lie in a comfy bed with my beloved.

But not long ago, I wrote a response in a court matter. In NJ, when you make a motion (I did) you write the motion, and then the other side responds with a 'certification' and then you get a chance to write once more to say what is wrong with their argument.

As the other side was my ex, almost everything she said was a documentable lie. What is amusing of course is that the certification ended with (as they all do) a statement about how she is aware that if she has willfully lied, she is subject to punishment.

As I recall, there were about 10 things in her certification that were major, documented, already-proved-in-a-court-of-law kind of items that were lies.

So what I did in my responding certification was that I documented them, and asked for some of that promised punishment.

I attached copies of paystubs, of prior court orders, of letters, of receipts of all kinds of things -
-of all the evidence that showed that my ex continues to spend her spare time creating lies and presenting them to the court, and I asked for some punishment for her for committing perjury.

This might be a good time to mention that the point of the motion was to protect me and my new sweetie from the prediations of the ex, and that I was asking for the judge to put some strong punishments in place if she committed certain crimes against me or my sweetie yet again.

My ex's lawyer was insisting that all that was needed to protect me was for my ex to promise that she understood that if she committed these various crimes, she would be 'subject to punishment'. Exactly the same wording that ends a certification.

My response to the judge was on the order of 'that kind of a guarantee is worth less than the ink that it takes to print it'.

  • Do you think that my ex was punished for her multiple counts of perjury?
  • Do you think that I was provided with any more protection than her being 'aware' that she might be subject to punishment?
  • Do you think that she has even the slightest concern about what will happen to her if she breaks the law and violates my rights again?
  • Do you think that a man's rights count for anything against a woman in this country?

The answer to all four questions is 'NO'.

I'm off to snuggle.

My best to you in your struggles


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