Tuesday, January 24, 2006

S is for Schizophrenia

Imagine wanting one thing, but then working as hard as you can to prevent it.

This is the position that the state of New Jersey finds itself in again and again as it tries to enforce its misandrous legal system.

Case in point. If you lose your job, you are left on unemployment. Which doesn’t pay too much. But the state requires that you keep paying the same amount in child support and alimony irregardless because “Temporary unemployment is no grounds for a reduction in alimony or child support”. Don’t ask me for the source of the quote – I have heard the words from every judge and lawyer I have spoken to. It also doesn’t matter what percentage of the time you have your children. You could have them 90% of the time, and if you find yourself out of work, you still have to pay your ex-partner her required pound of flesh. If you do not have the income to do this, the court demands that you show that you TRIED to take out loans to pay off your human leach, and that you keep trying to do this. Never mind that you have no real income to pay off the thousands of dollars of back debt and your ex’s legal fees that will build up in weeks… This is by itself schizophrenic…

But what is the next step in schizophrenia, is that if you owe more than $1,000 in back support (and if you owe that, it isn’t worth the human leach’s time to chase you), the state of New Jersey will report you to credit agencies as having a bad debt. Never mind that you have not been found at fault by a court of law, “Pursuant to NJSA 2A:17-56.23A, child support debts are entered as judgments by operation of law.”

Get that? Even if there is no judgment, even if this may not be a legitimate debt, your credit gets whacked. But… How… Can you get a loan, …with bad credit?

Of course the answer is that you can’t. Ma Jersey never wanted you to succeed as an absentee parent anyway. She just wants you as a deadbeat dad statistic, helping to show that her politicians are beating the bad guys and protecting the poor defenseless wives.

Thanks, Ma.

My best to you all in your struggles!


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