Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Will Bush Betray Soldiers in Iraq?

It's time someone asked the question.

By ratifying the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Congress stated clearly that it will continue to implement the genderist agenda of male punishment and family destruction.

Yes, the many men and fathers’ rights groups that worked hard to defeat VAWA did manage to get a statement or two in about the law being gender neutral. But, with a pejorative title, and little that stands in the way of genderists slurping up their pork to fuel their hateful war on the patriarchy, we all know that we are in for another five years of civil rights violations for men.

Worse, since VAWA now includes a war on the nebulous concept of “date rape,” genderists have extended their war on males to teenage boys. Teenage boys are already suffering mightily in feminized public schools that appear to be deliberately interfering with their education in order to diminish their ability to succeed later in life. Success later in life, according to genderists, provides the economic muscle for men to perpetuate the patriarchy.

But, with the Napoleonic legal code implemented by VAWA, our teenage boys will be considered guilty from the moment a date rape charge is made. Their self-respect will be further diminished by VAWA funded programs teaching that within all teenage boys is a date rapist trying to get out.

While some men’s rights activists are happy with making an ever-so-slight dent in a small portion of VAWA’s language, I am having trouble being so sanguine. I believe we are in for an even worse five years of civil rights abuses and male oppression. When an organization like NOW applauds the ratification of a law such as VAWA, you have to wonder.

Up to now, I have supported Bush’s adventure into Iraq. Islamic-fascist extremism can only be fought by changing the Middle East. I never believed the WMD arguments for going to Iraq, but always agreed that creating a beacon of democracy in the heard of the Middle East would provide substantial long term benefits for the not just the US, but the entire global community.

Changing Iraq helps to protect our Constitutional form of government over the long haul. It helps to protect our citizens from attacks by terrorists over the long haul. It helps to protect our freedoms and our civil rights.

Unfortunately, men are dying in order to this. This is as it has always been. But, back home, these same men have lost their guarantee of involvement in their children’s lives. They have lost their civil rights due to a federal government happy to feed on hysteria. In short, while they may not all realize it yet, these men are fighting for a hollow promise back home.

If Bush does not veto VAWA out of respect for the more than 2,000 men that have died in Iraq, and the others that have or continue to risk their lives, he will find that he has lost another supporter of his war. In fact, I will loose such faith in the man and our federal government that I will be happy to stand beside the most pathetically defeatist and anti-American socialist the Democrats have to offer and call for Bush to bring our men home.

Not another American soldier should die to protect America until America renews its comment to them.


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