Wednesday, December 28, 2005

When Boys Are Not Worthy

Another teenage boy commits suicide - the son of Indianapolis coach Tony Dungy.

Rarely in the history of this country has there been such a mismatch between government programs and a genuine social need. Just a week ago, Congress ratified the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The most bigoted and hateful legislation since Jim Crow, VAWA is a gender feminist’s dream: money for Women Studies graduates specifically targeted at conducting a war on men, fathers, and now even boys.

Meanwhile, our boys, men and fathers are suffering. As Glenn Sacks accurately describes, billions of dollars of federal money are spent each year incarcerating men because of child support arrearages loaded up with penalties that are several times the average annual incomes of these men. In states that are especially rigorous in the gender war, such as Washington State, nearly half the state’s children live in homes where their natural fathers are not present. Many of these men have been forced unwillingly out of their children’s lives. The picture is even more bleak as you look to the next generation, where you will find boys failing miserably in public schools that ignore their needs for action oriented learning environments.

If you don't already want to call in the fire brigade, consider the fact that men and boys commit suicide at alarming rates. There are no special government programs to address this problem, even though the number of male suicides in our country is at least 25 times the number of women killed due their intimate partner. Teenage boys kill themselves at five times the rate of teenage girls.

Dungy is part of the culture that contributes to the problem. While girls receive the message that value and power come from victimhood, boys are taught that to have value they must do something extraordinary. For those gifted with exceptional athletic ability, there is the NFL. For those that are more like the rest of us, there is the military. For the son of a successful football coach surrounded by some of the best athletes in the country, it must have been especially difficult.

Instead of providing a positive message to our boys, telling them of their worth and providing constructive avenues for them to find their own talents and secure a productive future, our country spends billions tearing them down. They are told they must sit still and, if not, be medicated to cure them of their “disorder.” They are taught that they are innately prone to violence against women. And, thanks to a new provision in the “new” VAWA, they will be told that they are rapists.

Sadly, neither the media nor the government seem to recognize the problem. While everyone is temporarily sad for the pain suffered by Dungy, the underlying problem will be missed. With the genderist onslaught reinvigorated by increased federal funding for an expanded gender war, the male suicide rate is likely to continue rising.

Not to worry, though, because the Super Bowl will be played this year as always – by the only worthy men around.


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