Thursday, December 08, 2005

Psuedo Befuddlement over Boys Education Crisis

The Everett Herald did the analysis that the Washington State education bureaucracy should have been doing with its own data. The Herald compared the scores of boys and girls on the WASL. It will be of no surprise to most visitors to this blog that boys are doing much, much worse than girls in Washington's public schools.

Of course, the reason the state never did this analysis, or at any rate never publicized it, is because they simply did not want to. They have spent more than a decade medicating large number of boys with powerful stimulants to treat them for ADHD. ADHD is just another way of saying “acts like boys.” Being a boy is now a disease.

Moreover, with “girl power” initiatives in public schools, “gender normalization” programs, and the feminization of educational materials, public school administrators and teachers in the State of Washington have literally been teaching boys to self-loath. In reality, all of these programs are designed to wring the so-called “patriarchy” out of little boys and, if all else fails, hold them back so they can't exercise their patriarchal power in the future.

As the genderists say, ""Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Patrimony has got to go." There may be no way to eliminate a patriarchy ghost that does not exist, but boys are in the process of being eliminated from college campuses.

It’s enough to make one sick to read the disingenuous quotes from state Legislators in the Herald article.
Sen. Paull Shin, D-Mukilteo, said the size of the gap between boys and girls "came to me as a total surprise, and I'd like to see why (it exists)."
… yeah, right. What planet have you been on, Senator Shin? This education gap has been well known since Christina Hoff Sommers authored her book, The WAR AGAINST BOYS: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men.

But, never fear, because another legislator is going to make sure we couch this genuine crisis in the PC terms of multi-culturalism.
"How much of it is cultural? How much of it is biological? And how much of it is leadership in the individual school district and school?" Schmidt asked. "In some ways, it's premature to do anything now because there's so many different variables."
Even more important, Legislators are now gearing up to throw money at a problem THEY CREATED!

All this pseudo-befuddlement from the State's lawmakers is tiring, if not downright insulting. The change that should occur is in the politically correct and genderist bureaucracy of Washington’s public education system. Stop beating boys down just for being boys. Stop holding them back from educational opportunity while calling that “girl power.” Reverse the feminization of public school materials and give the boys what they need – action oriented reading materials. Stop the animosity towards recess and let the boys get outside and run some of the energy off. Stop telling the boys that they are going to grow up to be wife-beaters and rapists. And, stop drugging them!

Our state's boys should not have to suffer through "gender normalization" and social engineering experiments conducted by public school administrators and bureaucracy who have a gender political axe to grind.

There has never been a better argument for school vouchers so that parents can get their sons out of public schools and into an environment that supports them and treats them with respect instead of loathing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The insanity of this is that the FemNags and their Leftist appologists have denied there is any differences between the genders in respect to learning. Science has proven otherwise. Canadian Reseachers have shown that even with simple tasks Men and Women's brains use different areas to preform even mundane tasks. Our brains are built on different blueprints. By structuring our males to fail, Feminists have used the Education system and Tax dollars to permanently damage a generation of our males in their insane attempts to emasculate and feminize them. Feminism is Lesbian training for Women. That Public Policy makers fail to realize that the acceleration of our decline and squandering of our human capital will rapidly remove us from our position of World Leadership is evidence they are unfit to hold public office and make policy decisions. It is long past due to kick the FemNags to the curb.

We have a massive and growing Criminal Populace a creation of the Single Mother homes. Charles Colson has spent 3 decades in our prisons. It is no secret that 90% of our inmates come from homes of Single Mothers. More insane yet is that we are subsidizing the growth of this. And to add to our woes we are relegating massive numbers of our Men to a life of permanent underclass status, while Women demand ever more entitlements. We are rapidly devolving as a culture. Feminism is an evil Hate Movement.

12/12/2005 01:47:00 AM  
Blogger One man said...

I'm surprised to see such a well-written and agreeable comment form "anonymous."

12/12/2005 08:22:00 PM  

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