Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Male Privileges™ cards--Don't leave The Patriarchy without it

The Patriarchy has been giving Male Privileges™ cards to all men upon proof of gender (just step in a booth, unzip, and YOU'RE APPROVED!).

And with Male Privileges™ cards you too can earn $1.33 for each dollar a woman earns.**

Furthermore, when you earn Male Privileges™ points on your card you can redeem them for all sorts of useful things.

For example, Male Privileges™ points can be redeemed for a free circumcision for male children that you father (and, as a bonus, this includes those that really aren't yours due to indiscretions on the part of your wife/girlfriend).

In this way your sons can also enjoy their Male Privileges™ from birth!

**Certain restrictions and limitations apply to Male Privileges™ for men not high up in The Patriarchy.

For example, the $1.33 earned by men for each woman's dollar may require longer hours at more hazardous jobs with less flexibility.

The extra funds earned by men participating in the Male Privileges™ program may also be redistributed to the mother of their children regardless of whether they have custody or not.

(The devil is in the details.)

Inspiration provided by:
Thomas (Tom) Fullery the Younger
Communications Engineer
Ministry of Communications

Visit him at patriarchy_central@yahoo.com


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