Friday, November 18, 2005

Let's not get all conspiracy theoretical.

A generally excellent letter to the editor on ifeminists on the clear hypocrisy of genderism (aka gender feminism), contrasting the current fringe misandry and sexism in parenthood with caricatures of the well-meant feminist goals of participation in all levels of society and their unintended, undesireable consequences, is spoiled by finishing up with a standard conspiracy theory that this is all about some sort of long term intent to acquire and maintain political power through the manipulation of the next generation.

By and large, I see the point and sympathize, but can't wholeheartedly agree. It seems to me that the writer has described a version of "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". Having made great strides in acheiving equality some so-called feminists (the genderists) are failing to recognize men's matching rights to equality. Having jumped the fence to graze on the grass of what they see as men's jealously guarded verdant pastures, they don't want to let men into their own paddock.

There are few places where this can be more obvious than in discussions of the injustice that can be found when it comes to child custody. After suffering decades of insistence that men should be more involved in childcare, they are still unable to obtain matching recognition in the courts. Likewise, the stereotyping of men as unpleasant creatures who are forever abusing women perforce abuses the vast majority of good, caring men and fathers. But these and other examples do not add up to a consipracy of gender feminists plotting and battling with the conscious intent to develop a matriarchal society in place of the hated patriarchal one believed to have been in place before.

Yes, let's stand up to the injustices, but let's not get carried away.

[P.S. The editor's note is just disappointing. The ending of the letter makes a good, solid point which can't be mistaken for the actual opinion of the author, the disclaimer softens and weakens it.]


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