Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I is for Imagine...

Imagine a world with no violence, Imagine a world with equality. Unfortunately, we lack both.

Let's imagine something else, ...imagine a 15-year-old young man holding down a 12-year-old girl, pulling her pants and underwear down, and helping a male pit bull to penetrate her anally while the girl cries and tries to escape. Then after a quarter of a minute, the young man beating the dog to pull it off the girl. Imagine further that the perpetrator is a member of a gang and well-known as a bully.

What do you think that the response of the state would be to such a crime? I see the state trying the young man as an adult, placing him on a sex-offenders registry, and some jail time. I see outrage from the prosecutor and the judge. This pervert-in-the-making would get no sympathy from any judge in any civilized country.

But imagine if we switched the sexes. In Toronto, (as in much of the 'civilized' West) apparently women are treated somewhat differently than men in such matters. Here a bizzare sexual act of torture was carried out, and the perpetrator, a known gang member and bully walks out of court with just probation, and some 'counseling', and with her name protected because of her juvenile status. She walks, free to assault another.

Perhaps most shocking were the Judge's comments in the case:

He "would not equate this offence with one of incest or a serious sexual assault" that would result in "psychological damage far in excess of the physical nature."
"The offence before me was spontaneous, lasting about 10, 15 seconds," said the judge. "It started as an ill-advised joke between friends."

How many times do we hear similar comments from rapists and abusers: "It was kind of accidental", "We were just horsing around", "She wasn't hurt, it was just sex... ...what's the big deal?", or maybe "It didn't even last that long".



Glad to know the State is still protecting men and women equally under the law. -NOT.


I saw this story on Men's Activisim.org care of Masculiste.
Simulposted on MIsForMalevolent


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