Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pushing Back Against Genderism

Amatuer journalist extraordinaire Nicole Brodeur asks the question: Are feminists onboard or overboard?

As for me, I’m just plain bored. Brodeur’s question is irrelevant. The silly and artificial debate Broduer posses between perpetually whinny Maureen Dowd and anachronistic Gloria Steinem is a sideshow to a much larger and more important story. It's like newspapers debating whether color print or black and white print are more important to their future as their circulation plummets.

We all know that contemporary feminism, or gender feminism as we call it now much to chagrin of Women Studies graduates everywhere, has veered from a pursuit of equality of opportunity to simple hatefulness and spite. Look at the curriculum of any university Women Studies program or the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and that fact is plain enough to see. Yawn.

While feminism is now a misnomer for today’s disaffected genderism, the interesting story is the fact that men and fathers took so long to respond to a frontal attack inspired by hate. But, this is changing, and it is changing fast.

Glenn Sacks, a leader in the men and fathers movement, provides an example of the increasing effectiveness of these organizations stepping up to repair the destruction reeked by 30 plus years of unabated misandry. PBS recently aired a program purporting to expose how women seemingly are loosing custody of children to abusive men. Yes, according to PBS and the creators of the documentary, this is yet another “epidemic” of female victimhood.

Loose with facts, and imaginative in their story telling, the PBS documentary claims that practically every divorced father that wants to maintain a relationship with his children is abusive. This is as utterly silly as it is false, but amazingly for the past 20 or so years, these sorts of assertions have been taken seriously by the media and policy makers. Thus, we have pervasive claims of girls loosing their voice in high school (even though they have long outperformed boys on practically every measure of academic success), claims that 1 in the 3 women are abused by men at some point in their lives (even though study after study shows men and women share abusive tendencies in equal proportions), and claims that college campuses are date rape Mecca’s for every young man (again, with made up “statistics”).

In its arrogance, genderist controlled PBS never thought it had to worry about a negative response from its propaganda. Men and fathers, though, are starting to push back. Sacks has uncovered damning facts demonstrating the extent to which Women Studies trained documentary makers are willing to not simply stretch the truth, but completely fabricate reality: One of the so-called abused mothers featured in the PBS documentary has actually been convicted of child abuse, while her ex-husband has fought hard to protect his children from her.

So, Nicole Brodeur can continue to quote irrelevant women like Steinem when they suggest that America was once a place where all women had to wear head-to-toe Burkhas. And, she can continue to show herself as bitter about the fact that she pays child support. But, the real action is elsewhere. And, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of contemporary feminism turned genderism.

We know she reads this blog.


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