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From Daddy Blogger--August is Child Support Awareness Month

Now, we tend to think immediately of CASH, but child support is much more than that, as evidenced by this excellent note from Father of Two.

The Geez

August 08, 2008

August has been proclaimed as "Child Support Awareness Month" in Michigan and throughout the United States.

Michigan's Family Law Court System would have you continue to support the outdated, biased, and stereotyped notion that a divorced, non-custodial parent (about 85% of the time the father), is good for nothing other than paying child support dollars into the system.

This is done to maximise the federal incentive dollars awarded to the states under Title IV-D of the Social Security System, which rewards every state for forcibly removing a fit, willing, and able parent from the life of his or her children.

"Supporting" your child does not come down to a divorced parent having a large part of their paycheck taken into this system to justify financial rewards.

Reasons to Support Shared Parenting
As a father of two, the following is my take on what "child support" really is, from A to Z. I hope you take the following to heart. These are just some of what I do, as a divorced, non-custodial father, to "support" my children.

A. Show AFFECTION for your children. Give them an ALLOWANCE for doing their chores.
B. Give them a proper BREAKFAST to start the day with. Make BATH time a fun, and clean experience.
C. CHALLENGE your children to rise to new heights. Increase their CONFIDENCE.
D. Appropriately and timely DISCIPLINE your children.
E. Set the proper EXAMPLE for them to learn by. Take them on ERRANDS with you.
F. Have FUN with your children.
G. GIGGLE and laugh with your kids. "GOOD JOB"-Praise them for good effort.
H. HUG your youngsters. Provide them a proper and safe HOME.
I. Embrace their INDEPENDENCE as they grow, but always be ready to wrap them in your arms.
J. JOKE with your children. Enjoy the lighter side of things.
K. KIDS will be KIDS. Let them be the wonderful youngsters they are.
L. LOVE your children. Tell them "I love you", often, and mean it!! Give them a nutritious LUNCH.
M. Teach them the proper MANNERS-to be courteous and respectful.
N. Learn how to say "NO" when necessary. Take them to enjoy the NEON signs of a fair or circus.
O. Take the unique OPPORTUNITY to shape the lives of your youngsters.
P. PROTECT them from harm. PROPERLY PARENT them.
Q. Give them a good QUALITY of life.
R. The "THREE R'S"-Reading, writing, arithmatic. Help them with and supervise their homework.
S. SUPPER, together, every night, as a family.
T. Give them your TIME. TEACH them right from wrong.
U. UNDER the covers-safely tucked into bed every night.
V. Take them with you when you VOTE. Take your children on VACATION with you.
W. WATCH television WITH your kids. Don't use it as a baby sitter.
X. Take them for X-RAYS, if they, heaven forbid, fall out of their favorite tree.
Y. Teach them how to use a YO-YO. Simple things are often the most rewarding.
Z. Take your children on a fun day trip to a ZOO. Fun for the whole family!!

Of course, there are hundreds of ways to truly "support your children". The system just wants to garnish the non-custodial parent's paycheck.

Help us say NO to Michigan's Family Law Court System. Denying a child the love, care, guidance, and nurturing of a fit, willing, and able parent is child abuse!



Blogger One man said...

This is what parenting is really all about. You may have missed me as I spend all my free time with my kids now : ) I don't really have any time left for blogging. Shared parenting really does work. Love your kids more than you hate your ex. Pretend if you have to. You can't buy this time back.

8/29/2008 10:33:00 AM  

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