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Gender Politics Do NoT Help Children

Another glaring example of DSHS’s horribly misguided approach to protecting children has woken me from my summer slumber. The Seattle Times describes how CPS repeatedly returned a young boy to the home of his step-grandmother and grandfather. He was relegated to living in a trailer behind the house. And CPS signed off on it. Twice!

Worse, the boy was continually and severally beaten, choked, and burned by his step-grandmother.

Detectives now believe the suspected abuse — mostly by Loni Venegas — included beatings with a bamboo stick, choking and scalding.
Pierce county deputies had already removed the boy from his “home” in June suspecting that his step-grandmother was abusing him. CPS promptly returned him to his “home.” The Pierce County sheriff’s department finally took action again, removed the boy from his torture chamber, and indicted this horrible woman on seven counts of assault. The Pierce County Sheriff must have finally decided that with CPS around the only way to protect the child was to make sure Loni Venegas is in jail. Evident from the quotes in the article, the Pierce County sheriff’s department is extremely frustrated with CPS. All of us should be.

The Times barely mentions the fact that the boy's “grandparents” won custody in a bitter custody dispute after his mother was tragically killed in car accident in 2001. But there is no mention of just who was on the other side of the custody dispute. Was it his father? Or perhaps the parents of his father? Wouldn’t a balanced article have sought comment from them? How, in fact, did this boy end up in the hands of his violent step-grandmother instead of in the home of his father? Since fathers are considered unimportant or even innately dangerous, the Times reporter did not investigate the larger picture.

The Secretary of DSHS, Robin Arnold-Williams, has taken a stand. She has proclaimed that everyone is going to work together to fix this problem. Yeah, right. The problem IS Arnold-Williams and her bureaucracy of gender feminist ideologues that run DSHS. They are blind to the reality that women commit the vast majority of child abuse. In the mind of gender feminists like Arnold-Williams, when women are violent, it is the fault of another, usually a man. And of course due to the "patriarchal control and oppression" that supposedly characterizes our society. Just like family courts in the State of Washington, CPS is obsessive about putting children into the “care” of a woman, regardless of the actual circumstances.

This is just the latest in a string of CPS failures involving violent, alcoholic, or drug addicted women abusing children. This problem cannot be fixed until people like Robin Arnold-Williams, who have a gender political axe to grind, are removed from DSHS. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, DSHS needs to be refocused from a revenue generating machine for the state (through federal matching of child support collections) to an apolitical organization with the sole purpose and objective of helping people, families, and children.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is indeed very sad. More than ten years ago little Bradley Dalton was awarded to his drug addict mother's custody.

The mother went into drug rehab and assigned Bradley to foster care Of course, there were other alternatives, such as dad and grandparents, but momma was in charge so off he went to the state's control

Little Bradley showed up at school with bruises and broken bones. CPS went to the foster home repeatedly and accepted the easy lip service of the foster parents.

Foster daddy did not like Bradley and beat him repeatedly until he died.

Then mommy dearest sued the school district, and various state agencies and personnel. She made a lot of money off Bradley's death.

This is, of course, not just the sad saga of a bad mom but also of the lazy, callous state agencies.

8/03/2007 09:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you fully.
Maybe you won't even have to
know whether I am male or femalehowever know this a sadistic
plot to destro my daughters love
for her mother has been enacted
and I the vicitm being revictimized
cause I foolishly lifted a restraining order I had in place
so my daughter could see her other
parent and now the prominent family
has accused me of child endangerment and I am under criminal investigation...I ws one of the good people hoping to coparent and got foooked for it. I have bent over backwards and now am paying the price. It all lies and will come out by monday but what now? I gave this person "every weekend" not ever other weekend but no since I exposed the family secret when filing for dissolution in my marriage I am now the bad guy eve ntho everyone on both sides know what I was living with daily and finally had the courage to change my situation. This person would give your arguments a bad name. I know their are douche bag women out there however I was not one of them and now i pay the price. Sucks. For my daughter.

8/19/2007 11:34:00 AM  
Anonymous System_is_broken said...

If they continue to allow the boy to live under the care of those abusive scumbags, the boy will become a violent and dangerous young man. He might end up killing his tormentors!

1/26/2008 01:05:00 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Children should all be with their father by default. Only whores and unmarried bitches who make bastards that men don't want should be able to keep their misbegotten spawn.

DSHA is eveil lesbian child haters. They should all be impaled in a row down Yesler Way.



2/15/2008 05:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally this little boy will have some vengenace. Loni was found guilty of child abuse and now faces 10-15 years in prison. Remil(Benji) faces 10. I personally knew this family and they treated this little innocent boy like crap. I never saw physical abuse, but did encounter verbal. Loni is a piece of trash , her whole family is. She comes from a long line of abusers. His mom was a young mom, and more or less pawned him off. Loni and Remil just looked at him as a meal ticket once they got custody. Loni has 5 other children and I hope they understand what their terrible mother has done. I pray that they do not follow in her footsteps when they have children. Loni deserves to be beat in jail, and I hope she does. Her life is over. She will never have a job, like she did anyway. I have always hated her and knew one day she would end up in jail for all the horrible things she has done in her life. Loni has a long history if hitting her children. She is not a educated woman and dropped out of junior high. She is very selfish and deserves the full sentence. This is Karma. I pray she comes out a better person and personally apolgizes to this child.

6/16/2008 04:35:00 PM  
Blogger petrenkov said...

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Best wishes
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2/10/2010 07:51:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please do not judge our family on the sins of one. For you know not what you say when you state a long line of abusers! SO NOT TRUE.

4/30/2010 09:44:00 PM  

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