Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Best to Treat Seattle Women Like Children

"Disappointment, defined as the gap between expectation and reality, is an immutable part of life. True adults — those who are mentally and emotionally mature — accept, manage, and move past disappointments, and they don't expect others to prevent them.

Children, on the other hand, whether 5 or 35, do not and cannot deal with disappointment. Despite all the talk about feminism and equality, Americans, via outmoded chivalry and unconstitutional reproduction, child-custody, rape, and domestic-violence laws, keep women in perpetual childhood. Yes, American women have grown accustomed to being spared risk, pain, and disappointment."

Read more of this excellent piece by Marc H. Rudov.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the poor men are henpecked by their evil girlfriends and wives.

That must be why there are so many real-world incidents and "entertainment" videos of females (from babies--yes, babies--to 12-year-olds to old ladies and everything in between) being kidnapped, raped, sexually abused and demeaned, beaten, stabbed, tortured, and killed (and then raped again when they're half-dead or dead). (Google these topics and you will be surprised at how many stories there are out there of men raping babies. It's quite strange, frankly. I tried it as an experiment to see what was out there. Wow! Men are really mad at females--especially babies and little girls!)

The fact that all men are mistreated by all of the females in their lives explains why men rape and kill babies, little girls, women, and old ladies.

Thanks for helping me understand.

1/28/2010 06:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Lady you don't have hate issues. You know that 30 % of paternity test fail. 65% of Women ordered to pay child support don't pay. If a women wants to have an abortion and the father of the unborn baby want the child he doesn't have a say. So women do get away with murder. As for rape women are doing that as well: more of a pedo style if fact. and the number of such females is growing as cgarges are becoming more commom (unfortunalty.)

-Most child abuse and parental murder of children is committed by mothers, not fathers.

- Nationwide divorced fathers are ten times as likely to commit suicide as divorced mothers, and more than twice as likely to commit suicide as married fathers.

-Men win custody in only 10% of contested custody cases

- The largest factor in predicting whether a child will graduate high school, attend college, become involved in crime or drugs, or get pregnant before age 18 is the presence (or absence) of a father in the child’s life. Studies show that this remains true even after adjustments for household income.

- Fathers have a much better record of paying court-ordered child support than mothers do.

- The government spends $340 on enforcing child support for every $1 it spends on enforcing visitation rights.

-A randomized study of 46,000 divorce cases published in the American Law and Economics Review found that in only 6% of cases women claimed to be divorcing cruel or abusive husbands, and that adultery was cited by women as a cause of divorce only slightly more than by men. Surveys of divorced couples show that the reasons for their divorces are generally a lack of closeness or of "not feeling loved and appreciated."

- Two‑thirds or more of all divorces involving couples with children are initiated by mothers, not fathers.

-A study of children of divorce found that 42% of children who lived solely with their mother reported that their mother tried to prevent them from seeing their fathers after the divorce. However, only 16% of children who lived solely with their father reported similar obstruction.

-In another study, 40% of divorced mothers admitted that they had interfered with their ex-husband's access or visitation, and that their motives were punitive in nature and not due to safety considerations.

I could go on to topics of suicide, the fact that we are not aloud emotions....
The list of what Men are denied surprises me that men never really seem to do anything about it. Do you think men will wake up and when they do... OMG I don't think it will be pretty

2/16/2010 03:42:00 PM  

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