Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Equality For Fathers, The Struggle Continues


Virginia Dads Take To The Streets
Tom Porter, founder of Vision4Children, and Ron Jagannathan, board member of Fathers For Virginia, took their message to Virginia commuters on July 8, 2006. “We plan on demonstrating on a regular basis,” said Porter, “We encourage all local parents who feel letdown by the family courts to join us.” Porter added, “Vision4Children.org will be online this week.”

Dads Speak Out On TVNZ
Take a look at this July 9, 2006 television newscast on tvnz.co.nz called The “F” Word. This video lasts about 15 minutes and shows interviews with distraught fathers. It also includes demonstrations by fathers’ groups including the Blackshirts. As aggressive as that group can be, it’s still clear that their actions are born of love for their children. How anyone can miss that is beyond me.
Murray A. Straus & Terri Lynn Tersakon KCSO Radio July 21
Murray A. Straus, Professor of Sociology and Co-Director Family Research Laboratory of the University of New Hampshire and Terri Lynn Tersak, President and CEO of True Equality Network are scheduled for an hour long radio show July 21, 2006. The show airs from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on AM 1080 KSCO Santa Cruz CA.
Webcast details and setup instructions for the show are on KSCO’s web site.


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