Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"We the People" The Time Has Come

I started, at the threat from U.S. Marshall's, of a charge of threatening the life of a U.S. Judge [ Thomas S. Zilly ]. I have drifted to the desire of the government wanting to show a defect in my caricature ( i.e. I’ve challenged the government authority to force a man to labor called child-support) so there must be a mental challenge to be overcome. The government wants to charge me with a crime, however, the agencies are unable to find a category to place the act of challenging the government's authority. I pay taxes, I served my country, and therefore I have earned the right to sit on a park bench on the front lawn at the Federal Court House in Seattle. I have the right to peaceably petition the Government for a redress of my grievances, at the Federal Court House.

Judge Zilly: 1). Ruled the government needs no court order to issue a pay-roll deduction notice. 2). Ruled for dismissal on procedural err. 3). Ruled to quash and strike further attempts at a fair hearing. 4). Ruled to dismiss [ letter of treason ] naming Judge Thomas S. Zilly.

I beg an answer: Judge Zilly failed to grant rights protected by the U.S. Constitution,[ a violation of his sworn oath, an act of treason against "WE THE PEOPLE" ] why do the deputy Marshall not arrest Judge Zilly? Why do the U.S. Marshall, Home Land Security, and Federal Court House Security look for a reason to charge me with a crime, when I challenge the government's authority to force a parent to pay a third party to support his child?

The joke rest within the government, the effort and resources expended to silence the rights of a U.S. Citizen. The need to eliminate the right [ LIFE, LIBERTY, PROPERTY, EQUAL PROTECTION, DUE PROCESS ] of every Citizen.

25 Million U.S. Citizens called "NON-CUSTODIAL", impoverished by the government without authority or the power. The Government [ EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE, JUDICIAL ] in agreement to deny citizens of the United States the democratic rights we fight for in foreign countries to protect.


Perry L. Manley
Seattle Wa.


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