Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Protest Letter to Seattle P-I

Oh-so predicatably, the P-I did not ackinowledge the following letter. I am sending it again with slight modificatiions.
BJ, heres craving your activist media support.

Thanks, "Link"


Dear Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editors

Your 4/28/05 P-I Special Report Judgement Calls: When to Remove a Child, with it’s large front-page photograph, vividly demonstrates the Seattle media market’s double-standard of compulsive care for females and genocidal brutality towards males.

When genders are reversed in the likes of your “report”, our local media compulsively seeks the “wisdom” of Linda Olsen, Director of Eastside Domestic Violence Program. She broadcasts that when a man is suicidally depressed, his most intimate companion must abandon him as quickly and brutally as possible. Your painful front-page photo shows the systematic abuse of desperately isolated and disadvantaged males in a culture that portrays only women as victims and only males as responsible. In such a consumer culture of militant antipathy towards dehumanized males, no wonder aging white males commit over 12 times as many suicides as do females.

Search Washington’s governments and you will find perhaps billions of tax dollars (mostly male) spent on females, but none spent uniquely for males other than penalization and incarceration. Even (Liberal) Public Television’s recent “News Hour with Jim Lehrer” reported on the counter-productivity of not providing equitable social services to males.

Note the landmark 05/08/05 New York Times Magazine on the rise of the men’s movement. If the P-I assigned a sympathetic and reliable reporter to men’s unique issues and vital needs-- it might reverse its shrinking audience.


Public Message:425.787.3688

Humanity will not be humane, civilization will not be civil, and the biosphere will know
No justice above Darwinian evolution… until generations of males
Must no longer compete for Love and affirmation.

HuMANifest seeks intervention in the American epidemic of over 28,000 male suicides per year.


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Welcome aboard!

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