Saturday, May 14, 2005

Press Release:
    To Burn Or Not To Burn


Perry L. Manley
2510 Western Ave. #313
Seattle Wa. 98121

THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA flies around the world, as a symbol of freedom and liberty.

The masses are OFFENDED if the symbol should be disgraced in someway.

Where are the offended when 25 million non-custodial parents that are denied the freedom and liberty to raise their child.

Where are the offended when 25 million non-custodial parents are forced to pay someone else to support their child.

Where are the government agents sworn by oath to protect and to serve "we the people".

Judge Thomas S Zilly: Nominated by Washington State [ U.S.] Sen.. Dan Evans and appointed under President Ronald W. Reagan. The replacement for retiring Judge Walter T. McGovern, Zilly was president of the Settle-King County Bar Association, HE STARTED WORK AS A U.S. DISTRICT JUDGE JUNE 6, 1988. [ Judge Zilly is due to retire ]

Judge Thomas S Zilly is unfit to sit, Judge Thomas S Zilly has to go.

Wednesday May 18, 2005 at 12 Noon.

Perry L. Manley: will conduct a flag burning ceremony at U.S. District Court 700 Stewart downtown Seattle Washington.

Judge Thomas S Zilly has committed an act of Treason against "WE THE PEOPLE" denying 25 million non-custodial parents guaranteed rights to liberty and freedom granted by the Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE are offended and outraged that a public servant would benefit by tax dollars in retirement while denying 25 million citizens the benefit of the fruit of their labor taken in child support.

The flag burning commemorative of the offended outrage and the lack of remedial ability to petition the government for a redress of this grievances.


Perry L. Manley
2510 Western Ave #313
Settle Wa. 98121


Anonymous 12gmoses said...

please dont burn the flag, there are so many other symbols to choose from. please reconsider, do something original, this would be old hap.

5/24/2005 01:17:00 PM  

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