Thursday, May 05, 2005

Let me make my case more clear

It has been brought to my attention that my posts don't clearly convey my feelings. Let me put it in a nutshell right here.

It is illegal to force a person to pay another by inducing a state of fear. This means that when the State threatens to put me in jail for not paying child support I'm being coerced or forced to labor for someone else. This Violates the Antipeonage Act.

To create an environment of fear (i.e.; threatening jail, garnishment, revoked licenses, liens on property, etc...) is contrary to anti-slavery amendments in our own US constitution. EVEN for child support. You can see the details here.

Please keep in mind, I over paid my court ordered child support obligations by $14,000 and I am still being threatened. I still can’t get my driver’s license or passport back or the $14,000. And I am still being treated like a dead beat. I ask WHY?


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