Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Here it comes

Judge Zilly is claming my letter of treason is a threat on his life. The chronological order follows---

October 4 2004:

by direction of the Court, the Honorable Thomas S. Zilly: [C03-0167Z] the court strikes, Quashes and advised that future filings will be STRICKEN. this order signed by Casey Condon Deputy Clerk [as is done in most cases].

April 18 2005:

letter of Treason naming Judge Thomas S Zilly. which makes this statement [ TREASON, by law, is punishable by the Death Penalty ].

April 29 2005:

the Grim Reaper makes an appearance at U. S. District Court House on 7th and Stewart.

April 29 2005:

Deputy U.S. Marshal Edward S. Muldowney, and a goon [head and shoulder taller than I] gained entry to a secured building without a warrant and knocked at my door. Deputy Muldowney said the letter of Treason was a Death threat against Judge Thomas S. Zilly. The Deputy and his goon spent 40 minuets at my door; explains, the Judge has dismissed my case and that I was on a very thin line.

April 29 2005:

I received an order from the court: The Court reviewed my recent filings [ the letter of Treason ] and dismissed the letter. The Order singed by Thomas S. Zilly.

The Deputy is building a case that I was engaged in a Death Threat on Zilly's Life. The Judge [ Zilly ] signed an order that dismissed the charge of "TREASON" against the Judge [ Zilly ].

Do you see where this is going? I have all the documents, so I ask the question: Let us start with this statement; (U.S. 42 1994),(U.S. 18 1581), (U.S. 18 1584) illegal and unlawful to force a citizen to pay a third party to support a child. ( Washington Supreme Court Ruling April 2005 : Grandparent's right to visitation) Illegal and unconstitutional for government agents to interfere and intervene in a person's right to parent their child. (U.S. v. Will, 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101,S. Ct. 471, 66, L.Ed. 2d 392, 406 (1980): Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheat) 264, 404, 5 L.Ed 257 (1821). (U.S. 42 1983), (U.S. 42 1986), it is also an act of treason for a judge to order forced labor, involuntary service, and peonage in the form of child-support paid to a third party in support of a child.

I want to know: The media is obsessed with keeping the powerful in line, when will the media take notice of this unreported and unpunished illegal act of the government, more to the point, the willful act of Judge Thomas S. Zilly U.S. District Court Seattle Wa.

Perry L. Manley
2510 Western Ave. #313
Seattle Wa. 98121


Blogger Iguana said...

There might be better ways to accomplish your goals. The treason line is over the edge. It would suffice, if the case law supports your position, to use it to overturn whatever decision Zilly made or perhaps to persue his dismissal.

5/04/2005 03:58:00 PM  

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